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Beer is the name of an alcoholic beverage fermented from grain, usually flavored with hops. The world of beer is very large and diverse, just like wine. Although there are so many producers, the variety of beers and breweries is so broad that it is impossible to use a single classification to cover them all.

In any case, the basic characteristics of beer are color, that can be yellow with shades ranging from pale yellow to dark brown (almost black), to the Reds in special cases. The alcohol content of beer varies between 3 and 9%, although the market has many non-alcoholic beers.

Beer began to develop in the Middle Ages, when it was used to cook the barley fermented with hops flowers. The beer was made from malt by soaking, but it only became the beer itself when we started to introduce hops in the process.

They can be classified according to:
- the country where they are produced: German, Belgian, British, Mexican, Spanish, ...
- the type of beer fermentation: Fermentation high, low fermentation, spontaneous fermentation, double fermentation, ...
- the special features, or a combination of several of the above (for example, more country type of fermentation): Kriek, Stout, Pale Ale, Lager, Bitter, Weissbier, ...
- the type of grain used in the fermentation: Barley, wheat, oats, corn, ...
- the denomination of origin: abbey beers, Trappist beers (or Trappist ), ...

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  • Leffe Radieuse

    Leffe Radieuse

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Dark color, something coppery beige foam and durable (though not abundant). - Aroma: Rich and earthy hops. - Body / Taste: Lots of nuances in flavor, that are overlapping each other, mostly fruity and sweet, but the...

    Beer (Belgium)

    Inbev (Beer)


    Belgium Abbey Beer »


  • Tongerlo Brune

    Tongerlo Brune

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Tongerlo Brune is reddish brown, and beige foam is compact. - Aroma: has a sweet aroma, with notes of biscuit, marzipan and nuts. - Body / Taste: The taste is also sweet, with notes of vanilla and a slight metallic aftertaste...

    Beer (Belgium)

    Tongerlo (Beer)


    Belgium Dubbel Beer »


  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro

    Peroni Nastro Azzurro

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Peroni Nastro Azzurro has a Golden yellow color. - Nose: Aroma of hops and malt - Palate: Light, touch of corn at the beginning followed by a bitter end with spicy notes. ALCOHOL: 5.1%

    Beer (Italy)

    Birra Peroni Industriale (Beer)


    Italy Lager Beer »


  • Chimay Red

    Chimay Red

    TASTING NOTES: Topped with a creamy, Chimay Brune (Red) gives off a faint odor of peach from fermentation. His taste, leaving a silky sensation on the tongue, is fresh thanks to a hint of bitterness. As for the taste, try the one who will notice a pleasant...

    Beer (Belgium)

    Abbaye Notre-Dame de Scourmont (Beer)


    Belgium Trappist Beer »


  • Weihenstephaner Vitus 50cl

    Top sales

    Weihenstephaner Vitus 50cl

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Weihenstephaner Vitus 50cl has an intense color. - Nose: Aromas genuine. - Palate: A tasty lager, Weizenbock type (wheat beer high alcohol), which not only seduce only Bockbier fans. The long cold rest gives our beer a taste incomparably...

    Beer (Germany)

    Weihenstephaner (Beer)


    Germany White Beer »


  • Waterloo Double Dark 8

    Waterloo Double Dark 8

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Waterloo Double Dark 8 has a reddish brown colour. - Smell: Sweet smell of alcohol, wood and fruits. - Mouth: sweet Flavor, licorice and hazelnut. Average carbonation. ABV: 8.5% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: Craft

    Beer (Belgium)

    Brasserie Du Bocq (Beer)


    Belgium Craft Beer »


  • Rochefort 10

    Rochefort 10

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Color intense copper yellow, medium opacity. - Aroma: sweet explosion of tropical fruits (pear, banana, mango), some features such as sweets that resemble chewing gum and hard candy. - Body / Taste: The...

    Beer (Belgium)

    L'Abbaye de Rochefort (Beer)


    Belgium Trappist Beer »


  • Salitos Tequila


    Salitos Tequila

    TASTING NOTES of Salitos Tequila: - View: Pale yellow, transparent. Foam half white and compact, which dissipates slowly. - Nose: The aroma of Salitos Tequila is sweet and fruity, with just a totally citrus notes of malt. - Taste: Sour taste...

    Beer (Germany)

    Salitos Brewing company (Beer)


    Germany Lager Beer »