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There are different types of spirits, like whisky, vodka, gin, rum... that almost all of us know and have tasted, but what exactly is a spirit?

Spirits are beverages covered in its elaboration to a distillation process. Distillation and evaporation are 2 very similar processes that can be used to separate 2 elements. Heat the mixture until it begins to evaporate:
- If we keep the item which does not evaporate, the process is called evaporation (for example, when seawater evaporates and get salt) .
- If we keep the item evaporated, we are developing a spirit.

To develop spirits the first thing we do is macerate the product you want to distill with water and let ferment (as with wine, the sugar of the product turns into alcohol). Once produced the alcohol, it should be separate from the water.

As the alcohol begins to evaporate at 78ºC, while water does at 100ºC, the first vapors is the alcohol. Those vapors are passed to another container where, as they cool, they condense and return to their liquid form.

The first outcome will be a distillation of 10 alcohol degrees, because it will be mix with some water, so you have to repeat the distillation 2 or 3 times to get a liquor between 40º and 50º of alcohol, as the best-known drinks often have.

The difference between the various spirits will be the origin of the distilled alcohol, the alcohol flavouring with other products, the type of water used or a further aging in wooden barrels.

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  • Berthe de Joux

    Top sales

    Berthe de Joux

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Absinthe Berthe de Joux is light green. - Smell: Fragrance mountain herbs combined with elegant refinement reminding one of the greatest 19th century absinthes. - Taste: silky and fruity notes, anise, its quality spicy fennel for...

    Absinthe (France)

    Emile Pernot (Spirits)

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  • Tunel 80 Cannabis

    Tunel 80 Cannabis

    Absenta Túnel 80 Cannabis includes marijuana extract. Senior spirit with anise flavor accused, wormwood extracts and notes of marijuana.

    Absinthe (Spain)

    Antonio Nadal Destilerías (Spirits)

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  • Drambuie


    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Drambuie has a bright yellow and amber. - Smell: Aromas reminiscent of licorice and honey. - Taste: On the palate it is sweet and pleasant. Drambuie is an extraordinary blend of aged Scotch whisky, heather honey, spices and...

    Liquors & creams (Scotland)

    The Drambuie Liqueur Company (Spirits)

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  • Cointreau

    Top sales


    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Cointreau presents a transparent color. - Smell: Aroma intense and bitter. - Taste: smooth and citrus flavor. ALCOHOL: 40% Vol COUNTRY: France

    Triple Sec (France)

    Remy Cointreau (Spirits)

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  • Bacardi 1L


    Bacardi 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Bacardi bottle 1L is colorless - Smell: fresh, tasty vanilla flavors - Taste: Pleasant on the palate, it' s dry and tasty. Notes of vanilla, almonds and exotic fruits. Create in 1862, the Bacardi Rum is the original...

    Rum (Puerto Rico)

    Bacardi Martini Production (Spirits)

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  • Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl

    Top sales

    Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl

    TASTING NOTES of Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl: - Colour: neon-green colour, make it a true eye-catcher. - Flavour: herbal-scented flavour - Taste: strong and original COUNTRY: Germany PRODUCTION DETAILS of Absinthe Antitoxin 50cl: Absinthe Antitoxin...

    Absinthe (Germany)


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  • Lillet Blanc 75cl

    Lillet Blanc 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Lillet Blanc 75cl presents a yellow colour. - Nose: Noses crops. - Mouth: Awesome flavour. PRODUCTION: Lillet Blanc 75cl is an aperitif drink made from rigorously selected wines (Sémillon and Sauvignon) and natural fruit...

    Liquors & creams

    Lillet (Spirits)

    Muscadelle, Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc

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  • Grand Marnier Red

    Grand Marnier Red

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Grand Marnier Red presents a striking copper color. - Smell: Complex aromas of orange flowers with accents of citrus scratches and toffee candy. - Taste: bitter orange flavors with hints of orange marmalade and hazelnuts. Long...

    Liquors & creams (France)

    Grand Marnier (Spirits)

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