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Liquor & cream

You'll have in Uvinum a wide range of liquor & cream for that you may get them at the best price. From only £15.50 you may get liquor & cream in a few seconds, wherever you are, from any device , and we'll bring you your Liquors & creams Lillet at home with a great VFM like the Lillet Blanc 75cl.

  • Jägermeister 1L

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    Jägermeister 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Jägermeister 1L 1L has a dark brown color. - Flavor: Herbs flavors - Taste: Great taste with herbs and spices. It contains 56 types of Botanicals (herbs, Woods, spices, fruit, flowers, seeds and roots).Once the botanists...

    Herbal liqueur (Germany)

    Mast Jägermeister (Spirits)

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  • Jägermeister

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    When Jägermeister enjoy any place of your choice take a moment to discover and experience its true character. Savor the flavor inspired by 56 botanists from all over the world and its unique development. Remember Jägermeister mature...

    Herbal liqueur (Germany)

    Mast Jägermeister (Spirits)

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  • Ponche Caballero 1L

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    Ponche Caballero 1L

    TASTING NOTES of Ponche Caballero 1L: - Colour: Ponche Caballero has a toffee-colored 1L. - Odour: mild and pleasant aromas. - Taste: Sweet, dense and smooth. ALCOHOL: 27% Vol COUNTRY: Spain

    Liquors & creams (Spain)

    Luis Caballero (Spirits)

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  • Disaronno Amaretto 1L

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    Disaronno Amaretto 1L

    ...the sweetness of apricot kernels with bitter almonds. PRODUCER: Disaronno COUNTRY: Italy PRODUCTION DETAILS: Disaronno Amaretto was already produced in the Middle Ages Alcohol: 28% Vol

    Amaretto (Italy)

    Disaronno (Spirits)

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  • Triple Sec Porthos 1L

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    Triple Sec Porthos 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Triple Sec Porthos 1L is Amber - Smell: Exotic Fruits - Taste: Smooth and fresh ALCOHOL: 36º COUNTRY: Spain

    Triple Sec

    New Lidesport (Spirits)

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  • Malibu 1L

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    Malibu 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Malibu 1L has a translucent white color. - Odour: Softness abundance of tropical aromas, especially coconut. - Taste: Taste coconut milk. PRODUCER: Kahlúa COUNTRY: Barbados Islands ALCOHOL: 18% Vol

    Fruit liqueur (France)

    Kahlúa (Spirits)

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  • Ouzo 12 1L

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    Ouzo 12 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Ouzo 12 1L is colorless - Smell: Fresh and fruity. fiery anise-flavored liqueur made from crushed grape skins and aromatics - Taste: Sweet This ouzo was the result of selected seeds and herbs which were blended harmoniously...

    Liquors & creams (Greece)

    Campari (Spirits)

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  • Lillet Blanc 75cl

    Lillet Blanc 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Lillet Blanc 75cl presents a yellow colour. - Nose: Noses crops. - Mouth: Awesome flavour. PRODUCTION: Lillet Blanc 75cl is an aperitif drink made from rigorously selected wines (Sémillon and Sauvignon) and natural fruit...

    Liquors & creams

    Lillet (Spirits)

    Muscadelle, Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc

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  • Chartreuse Green 1L


    Chartreuse Green 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Chartreuse Green 1L is light green. - Smell: Intense perfumed aromas of juniper, pine and herbs that make up your prescription. - Taste: Complex and somewhat spicy. ALCOHOL: 55% Vol COUNTRY: France

    Liquors & creams (France)

    Chartreuse Diffusion (Spirits)

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  • Pacharán Zoco 1L

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    Pacharán Zoco 1L

    TASTING NOTES of Pacharán Zoco 1L: - Colour: Pacharán Zoco 1L is a nice reddish - Smell: Aroma characterize balanced Souk. It is a very sweet drink - Mouth: balanced flavour WINEMAKING: a maceration of sloes 100% natural anise Navarre containing no...

    Pacharán (Spain)

    Zoco (Spirits)

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  • Disaronno Amaretto

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    Disaronno Amaretto

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Disaronno Amaretto is bright amber . - Smell: Aromas of sweet almonds with raisins. - Taste: It combines the sweetness of apricot kernels with bitter almonds. PRODUCER: Disaronno COUNTRY: Italy ALCOHOL: 28% Vol

    Amaretto (Italy)

    Disaronno (Spirits)

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  • Cointreau 1L

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    Cointreau 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Cointreau 1L is transparent, by adding ice becomes opalescent. - Smell: Intens aroma and bitter. More fine and fruity with some ice. - Taste: smooth and citrus flavor PRODUCER: Remy Cointreau COUNTRY: France...

    Triple Sec (France)

    Remy Cointreau (Spirits)

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  • Limoncello Villa Massa

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    Limoncello Villa Massa

    TASTING NOTE: - Color: Limoncello Villa Massa is Light Green - Odor: Pielou him intense and fresh lemon - Taste: creamy texture, light lemon flavor ALCOHOL: 30% vol COUNTRY: Italy PRODUCER: Villa Massa

    Limoncello (Italy)

    Villa Massa (Spirits)

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  • Cointreau

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    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Cointreau presents a transparent color. - Smell: Aroma intense and bitter. - Taste: smooth and citrus flavor. ALCOHOL: 40% Vol COUNTRY: France

    Triple Sec (France)

    Remy Cointreau (Spirits)

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  • Tunel Hierbas Mixtas 1L


    Tunel Hierbas Mixtas 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Mixed Herbs Tunnel 1L, pale green - Smell: Herbs - Taste: Sweet nothing cloying ALCOHOL: 15% Vol COUNTRY: Spain

    Herbal liqueur (Spain)

    Antonio Nadal Destilerías (Spirits)

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  • Drambuie

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    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Drambuie has a bright yellow and amber. - Smell: Aromas reminiscent of licorice and honey. - Taste: On the palate it is sweet and pleasant. Drambuie is an extraordinary blend of aged Scotch whisky, heather honey, spices and...

    Liquors & creams (Scotland)

    The Drambuie Liqueur Company (Spirits)

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  • Tia Maria 1L


    Tia Maria 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Tia Maria 1L Appears darker. - Nose: Intense aromas. - Mouth: Mouth rum, coffee beans, vanilla and sugar. ALCOHOL: 20% Vol COUNTRY: Jamaica

    Liquors & creams


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  • Licor de Hierbas Ruavieja

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    Licor de Hierbas Ruavieja

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Ruavieja Herbal Liqueur is bright yellow with green hues. - Smell: Marked aromas of sweet herbs macerated in liqueur. In prolonged aftertaste leaving their componenete herbaceous traits .. - Flavor: Balsamic notes. Peppermint,...

    Herbal liqueur (Spain)

    Licores Ruavieja (Spirits)

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  • Gecko Caramel Twovodk

    Gecko Caramel Twovodk

    TASTING NOTES of Gecko Caramel Twovodk: - Colour: Gecko Caramel Twovodk presents a beautiful amber colour. - Flavour: Gecko Caramel Vodka flavor is surprisingly frank caramel latte with something incorporating smoky incense and nuts. - Taste: In the...

    Liquors & creams

    Bardinet (Spirits)

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  • Bols Apricot Brandy


    Bols Apricot Brandy

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Bols Apricot Brandy, dark golden - Smell: A mild aroma of juicy apricots - Taste: Clearly apricot with a touch of cognac and almond. It tastes clean and light. ALCOHOL: 15% Vol COUNTRY: Holland

    Fruit liqueur (Netherlands)

    Lucas Bols (Spirits)

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