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Spirits from The Fine Spirits Corner

  • Drambuie


    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Drambuie has a bright yellow and amber. - Smell: Aromas reminiscent of licorice and honey. - Taste: On the palate it is sweet and pleasant. Drambuie is an extraordinary blend of aged Scotch whisky, heather honey, spices...

    Liquors & creams (Scotland)

    The Drambuie Liqueur Company (Spirits)

    Liquor & cream The Drambuie Liqueur Company »

  • Absolut Vodka

    Absolut Vodka

    Absolut Vodka was introduced for the first time in New York in 1979. It quickly became popular throughout the city after the U.S. and worldwide. But the recipe Absolut print this pure and natural taste has over 30 years. As the century medicine jar XVIII...

    Vodka (Sweden)

    The Absolut Company (Spirits)

    Vodka The Absolut Company »

  • Grey Goose Vodka

    Grey Goose Vodka

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: White crystalline. - Smell: Light citrus notes accompanying the heart of this vodka, grain notes. - Taste: Smooth, elegant, and extraordinary integration of alcohol, very little perceptible in the mouth. ALCOHOL:...

    Vodka (France)

    Grey Goose (Spirits)

    Vodka Grey Goose »

  • Chartreuse Yellow

    Chartreuse Yellow

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Straw green. - Smell: Aromas of incense, church, pastry, fennel, anise, ripe tropical fruit. Balsamic. - Taste: Note to anise, fennel, frankincense, and crème brûlée. Alcohol: 42% COUNTRY: France

    Herbal liqueur (France)

    Chartreuse Diffusion (Spirits)

    Herbal liqueur Chartreuse Diffusion »

  • Grey Goose L'Orange

    Grey Goose L'Orange

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: White crystalline - Smell: Subtle floral aromas and delicate notes of orange - Taste: Sweet and fragrant with subtle notes of orange zest. ALCOHOL: 40% Vol COUNTRY: France

    Vodka (France)

    Grey Goose (Spirits)

    Vodka Grey Goose »

  • Absinthe Blanchette 50cl

    Absinthe Blanchette 50cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Absinthe 50cl Blanchette is colorless. - Smell: Aroma aniseed. - Taste: Smooth and very nice. ALCOHOL: 60% Vol COUNTRY: France

    Absinthe (France)

    Distillerie Combier (Spirits)

    Absinthe Distillerie Combier »

  • Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal

    Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal

    TASTING NOTES OF Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal: - Colour: light green. - Flavour: citrus, chocolate, agave. - Taste: deep, sweet on the tongue. PRODUCER: Faustino Garcia Vasquez COUNTRY:Mexico. DETAILS OF PREPARATION: the great contrast of flavor is...

    Tequila (Mexico)

    Faustino Garcia Vasquez (Spirits)

    Tequila Faustino Garcia Vasquez »