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Château Climens (Barsac)

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Château Climens Blanc

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Château Climens, owned by the Lurton family since 1971, is arguably one of the greatest sweet wines in the world. Its vineyards cover 30 hectares planted with Semillon. The soil consists of fine gravel and red sand resting on a base of limestone. The average age of the vines is about 35 years with an annual turnover of around 3 to 4%. The yield remains one of the lowest in the label to obtain a single concentration. The pickers choose carefully enough botrytis cinerea rich grapes (the famous noble rot of Sauternes). After fermentation in oak barrels, the wine is aged for two years before being bottled. Climens castle stands out for its power and smoothness, developing intense aromas of citrus and exotic fruits. A very sweet wine with aging potential is several decades in great vintages. He definitely has the power and the fat one Sauternes and finesse and nervousness of a Barsac

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