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Anderson Valley Brewing Co. (Beer)

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Anderson Valley Hop Ottin Ipa

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The Hop Ottin is a bit of a dream come true IPA enthusiasts. If you are crazy about these bitter and aromatic beers, this Anderson Valley is for you! Its amber color to the beautiful white foam promises to advance a beautiful tasting. But where the fun really begins, it is the nose. Intense citrus and floral aromas take your nose and leaves you speechless. From the first sip we discover an incredibly balanced beer with malts giving mieleuse hops flavor and intoxicating you apricot flavors and grapes. Not forgetting its nature IPA is the bitterness that eventually take over and the final is simply explosive. This bitterness remains in the mouth until the glass or more. . . So discover the true character of IPA with the American brewery and Anderson Valley Hop IPA or Heelch Ottin O'Hops, a double IPA equally imperial!

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