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Charles Wells Brewery (Beer)

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Bombardier English Premium Bitter 50cl

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Bombardier English Premium Bitter The part of the British brewing heritage, since it is brewed in the heart of England, in the tradition of English beers. Bombardier is a beer which, in its version of a tinted bottle dress from red tinges varying between brown and amber. The cap is a beautiful beige foam to the very good performance in the glass. It offers the best nose pronounced malt flavors with a perfect balance with aromas of aromatic hops Fuddges. Once on the palate, it reveals flavors of malt on the palate and combine the richness of roasted malts with fruity hop flavors. Nice peppery and spicy flavors come up the whole. Gradually the bitterness of hops and spring settles at length on the palate. Bombardier is the nickname of boxer Billy Wells, British world champion heavyweight from 1911 to 1919. The name of this iconic figure has been taken to highlight and illustrate the strong character and much of the British lager.

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