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Elav (Beer)

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Elav Grunge Ipa

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Since 2010, the brewery continues Elav surprise of beer lovers around the world. This Italian brasserie, whose production was originally intended for local bars offers an incredible range of beers on an offbeat tone. Thus, this grunge IPA brewed in the style of American IPA injects a healthy dose of rock in the world of beer! This Italian beer, dark-amber color, proposes a very pretty persistent white foam. On the nose, the use of American hops, including Centennial is felt with powerful lemon and tangerine flavors. Caramel is also very present. In the mouth, it is the malty notes which are perceptible First of all, however, remaining perfectly balanced by the hops that appear in the finish. The final, relatively bitter, brilliantly concluded the tasting of this beer. This Grunge IPA appears as an amber beer perfectly suited to the return of spring, which will perfectly compliment your spicy dishes.

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