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Les Brasseurs de Gayant (Beer)

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Fût la Goudale - Fontaine Spi 5L

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Brewed by the Douai Gayant Brewers, the Goudale is a blond high fermentation beer that fittingly represents the so-called Guard beers, brewed for generations in northern France. Warning: This product is a barrel of 5 liters Standard SPI (Integrated Pressure System) that can not be used with a beer engine. Draft beer can not shoot that was only using the handle installed on the top (30 days after conservation through Integrated Pressure System). Nevertheless, even the Goudale for use with machine is also sold on our site, to access it, follow the link of Gayant Brewers! These beers have before bottling, a longer than average period of maturation, which will help develop their all their taste pallets. The Goudale is one of them. It is produced with special malts and flavored with hops finely selected Flanders The Goudale is a lager that develops in the glass a golden yellow color, limpid and is adorned with a good relatively persistent foam head. It offers the nose fruity and spicy aromas with strong yeast notes. Mouth we discover a sweet and fruity roundness of beer or malt coats spicy yeast notes and the bitterness of the hops frank Flanders. The finish dry and hoppy. All right end of a recipe from the Middle Ages, the Goudale takes its name from its history. Indeed, as mentioned on the label, the fourteenth century, good beers were called Goudale, or Goudalle Good Ale. They were selling the pot 2 deniers, in a named Goudalier merchant.

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