Review about Goudale Magnum 1.5L from Saveur Bière

Les Brasseurs de Gayant (Beer)

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Goudale Magnum 1.5L

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If lon had to quote a French lager beer, it would certainly be this Goudale of Gayant brewers who would most often. Brewed for generations in northern France, it takes its name from the fourteenth century or good beers were then called Goudale or Good Ale. Visually, this beer guard offers us a golden blond dress, topped dune generous white foam. The nose reveals beautiful aromas of spices and yeast while the mouth is both spicy and malty. finally found a late dry and hoppy mouth. This generous beer, so it will entice even the most difficult of you, also knows a hoppy version vintage, Goudale Grand Cru!

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