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Mongozo (Beer)

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Mongozo Palmnut

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Belgium Huyghe Brewery Belgian Beer & eacute es fruit flavors of African palm nuts.
Degree: 7 °
Origin: Belgium
 In 1902, Léon Huyghe moved to Melle to work in the local brewery. He worked four years to buy the company. Her name at that time Malthouse Brewery-den call and kept that name until 1938, when she became the Brasserie Léon Huyghe. The war and its rationing curiously allowed to develop a beer based on a French variety of hops, Golden Kenia, who was born in 1945. And in 1948, Albert Huyghe, son of the previous, began the production of soft drinks and sodas. In 1980, the arrival of Jean De Laet, son-Albert, breathed a considerable revival. He developed a series of new beers and then, assisted by his son, the family brewery transformed into a modern enterprise, specializing in high fermentation and resolutely turned towards export. In May 2005, Huyghe Brewery celebrated its 350th anniversary. Today, the brewery is most famous for its beer to the pink elephant and its variations in attractive bistros. But the other beers of the house remain as a testimony to the diversity of the landscape Belgian brewing beer Mongozo The range consists of beers from fair trade and is drunk in a calabash. The African palm nuts is the ingredient that defines the rich taste of this special exotic beer, Mongozo Palmnut. It is the modern version of the traditional beer from Angola. coppery colored lager beer, abundant and creamy white foam, no sparkle. straw smell, slightly hoppy with slightly fruity scents and herbs. Ferrous bitter taste, slightly sweet, dry mouth with little tangy and has a astringency on the finish.

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