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Nøgne Ø Brewery (Beer)

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Nogne Ø Tindved 250ml

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Once again, the Norwegian brewery Nogne surprised his world with this Tindved. Brewed from barley and wheat, is also found in this little nugget of sea buckthorn juice squeezed to bring a touch of acidity. A magnificent complex beer! This beautiful Norwegian beer is adorned with a golden color with orange highlights, topped with a generous white foam. The nose, the aromas reminiscent Brett course but the caramel and honey edge. On the palate, the flavors are essentially fruity, hoppy, with again nice notes on yeasts and bretts. The whole is completed by a fine acidity. Complex and refined, this Nogne Tindved reminds us of the best brews of the Norwegian brewery. A degree of complexity that is also found on the Nogne Imperial Stout!

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