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Ale Beer

  • Chimay Roja

    TASTING NOTES Chimay Roja : - Appearance: coppery colour, creamy head - Aroma: light, fruity apricot and peach aroma from fermentation. - Body / Flavor: a silky sensation, fresh thanks, hint of bitterness. Pleasant astringency BREWERY: Abbaye...

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  • Whitbread Pale Ale 250ml

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Whitbread Pale Ale 250ml has an orange colour. - Smell: malty nose with small jumps. - Mouth: The taste is slightly fruity, hard and malt, but no real hop bitterness. Mouthfeel is nice and thick coat, hard and tasty. ABV: 5.7%...

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  • Chimay Blanca

    The Chimay White is the latest creation of the monks of the monastery of Forges-le-Chimay. This is a blonde triple, also called Capsule Blonde. With an 8% alcohol, experienced as her "sisters" a second fermentation in the bottle. TASTING NOTES: ...

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  • Kwak

    TASTING NOTES : - Color: Kwak is dark brown , with a very dense foam adherenete , dark beige - Nose: Aromas of cerelas and fruit. - Mouth: noticed a subtle sweetness with bitterness follows and ends with a taste of caramel coffee . PRODUCER : Bosteels...

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  • Popular

    Chimay Azul

    The beer Chimay Blue, called the Grande Reserve, in bottles of 750 ml, is a dark Trappist beer that has a powerful aroma and a complex flavor that improves with age. Was developed first as a beer for Christmas, which explains the presence of a vintage....

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  • Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel

    ...ripe fruit and alcohol as liquor. The taste is great, leaving a burning and a slight dryness on the palate. TYPE OF BEER: Quadrupel ABV: 11%

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  • Hobgoblin 50cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: reddish copper color. - Aroma: Malt and hops, very floral and fruity. - Body / Taste: Strong roasted malts with hop bitterness and medium soft fruity character that lasts until the end.   FERMENTATION TYPE: High. ABV:...

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  • St. Feuillien Grand Cru

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: St. Feuillien Grand Cru has a hazy golden colour with fluffy white head. - Smell: Nose is strong with wheat, spices and notes of doughy yeast. - Mouth: The taste is fruity with notes of lemon, corn and cilantro. Good balance...

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  • Moretti Grand Cru 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Moretti Grand Cru 75cl has an amber glass with orange reflections, compact and persistent white foam. - Aroma: Smells are broad, deep and articulated: at first feels cozy grassy hops, but the dominant character is the fruit...

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  • Eku 28

    TASTING NOTES : - Color: Eku 28 is Color : Tan . Foam slight and disappears immediately - Mouth: Palate: Very intense characterized by the large amount of sugar ( licorice , candy ) . PRODUCER : Brasserie Kulmbacher ALCOHOL: 11%

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  • Duvel

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Golden yellow color. - Nose: similar to a liquor flowers and fruits. - Mouth: Touch of apple and pear at first yeast. The alcohol content warms the throat, refreshing. ALCOHOL: 8.5% Vol FOOD PAIRING: Ideal...

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  • Troubadour Obscura

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Troubadour Obscura has a black colour. - Smell: mostly malty aroma. The smell of burning wood complete with a hint of chocolate. - Mouth: It has a mild bitterness, a little stronger in the aftertaste. ABV: 8.5% Vol. TYPE OF BEER:...

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  • Iron Maiden Trooper 50cl

    ron Maiden Trooper beer offers strength, spiciness and an invigorating freshness mixing malt flavours with a hint of Citrus on the finish

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  • Taras Boulba

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Taras Boulba is a compact little light straw yellow, turbid, much carbon, abundant, but persistent and white crown. - Aroma: Pretty intense, citrus, orange, coriander, herbs, very fresh. Also similar to a Wit but hoppy. -...

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  • Spencer Trappist Ale

    TASTING NOTES OF Spencer Trappist Ale: - Appearance: pale amber, small head. - Aroma: fruity grass with some marzipan and vanilla - Body / Taste: medium body and sensation in the mouth rounded crisp. Stylish, thin and crispy. Bitter end BREWERY: St Joseph's...

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  • Septem Friday's Pale Ale

    Producer: Septem Category: Beer

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  • Jopen Koyt

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Jopen Koyt has a clear golden color with durable white thick foam and lacing his white head. - Aroma: The aroma is intense, bitter and fruity sweet fruits. - Body / Flavor: The body is medium and oily texture, with a...

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  • Murphy's Irish Red 300ml

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Murphy's Irish Red 300ml has a honey color and has a very good high carbonation with low mousse. - Aroma: Rich hops, barley and a little acid with the bitterness of yeast. - Body / Flavor: The flavor is sweet malt. ...

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  • Gruit Inferno

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Gruit Inferno is a fascinating beer yellow gold, crystal clear, high carbonation that gives a lot of foam, which returns the cup to stir easily. - Nose: This beer is really fragrant and expressive. Amazed, with their appearance,...

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  • Saison

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Saison has a golden colour. - Smell: Very fruity with a fruity aroma reminiscent of citrus fruits like oranges or lemons. - Mouth: Taste mild hops and spice notes. ABV: 4% Vol TYPE OF BEER: Ale

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