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Bitter Beer

  • Damm Inedit 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Damm Inedit 75cl is amber colour with high turbidity. - Aroma: Excellent intensity and aromatic complexity. Very fruity and floral nose, with fresh yeast and hints of sweet spices. - Body / Flavour: Creamy and fresh...

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  • Gulden Draak

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Dark, dense, strong and creamy foam. - Aroma: It has a wild range of flavors, which dominate the roasting of the malt. - Body / Taste: Balanced, deep and wide, where the wort remaining sweetness necessary to obtain...

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  • Judas

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Strong gold. - Nose: Strong and floral notes, honey and liqueur - Palate: Full bodied, has an intense flavor and a counterpoint of sweet and bitter notes. ALCOHOL: 8.5% Vol

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  • Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel 50cl

    TASTING NOTE: - View: Amber color, very turbid due large sedimentation of yeast and medium-low carbonation. - Nose: fruity, notably banana, some spice and some malt. - Taste: Taste like aroma, becoming more intense notes of banana and cinnamon,...

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  • Hopus

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Amber murky. - Aroma: floral aroma. - Body / Flavor: The use of 5 different types of hops gives this beer a pronounced bitterness. FERMENTATION TYPE: High. ABV: 9% Vol

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  • Moretti

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Pale gold, with little fast foam dissipation. Abundant and very small bubble. - Nose: sweet corn, along with Malta's own. - Palate: Fresh. Sweet touch of malt with notes of bread. Light body. ALCOHOLIC: 5% Vol

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  • Cuvee Des Trolls 250ml

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: hazy golden color, has a large white foam head and high carbonation. - Aroma: citrus especially orange and also has hints of malt. - Body / Taste: Fruity and even a Strong Ale is very light and easy to drink, the end...

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  • Damm Inedit

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Damm Inedit is amber color with high turbidity. - Aroma: Excellent intensity and aromatic complexity. Very fruity and floral nose, with fresh yeast and hints of sweet spices. - Body / Flavor: Creamy and fresh texture,...

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  • Heineken

    ...Colour: Pale yellow. - Taste: Creamy, barley and malt notes. Lightweight body with bitter taste fresh. ABV: 5% Vol. Heineken , the beer was born at night: the night of June 30, 1863, Gerard Adriaan Heineken wrote a letter to his mother. He had...

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  • Satan Red

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Gold Deposit, amber. - Palate: Spicy, roasted malt, Belgian yeast. Bittersweet well balanced. ALCOHOL: 8% Vol Style: Pale Ale strong, high in alcohol.

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  • Floreffe Blonde

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Color blond, slightly overcast with white foam and wide but low average duration. - Aroma: With notes of malt, hops and floral. - Body / Taste: Fruity keeping a perfect balance with the sweetness of sugar candy and...

    Out of stock
  • Satan Gold

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Blonde-bream, its appearance reflects the heat of the open fire in the boiler. - Aroma: The aroma full, smooth and slightly smoky. - Body / Taste: Taste robust, quite dry, and a touch of spice.   FERMENTATION TYPE:...

    Out of stock
  • La Guillotine

    ...NOTES: - Vista: Golden yellow color. Foam formation and rapid dissipation of white. - Nose: Sweet fruit and citrus - Palate: Sweet, soft citrus at first, followed by strong malt. Yeast and spice notes with pleasant bitter finish. ALCOHOL: 9% Vol

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  • Heineken Can

    TASTING NOTES: - Vista: very pale yellow color of high transparency. - Nose: intense herbaceous aromas with notes of malt. - Taste: Bitter taste with many notes of hops, malt memories, very refreshing. Alcohol: 5% Vol COUNTRY:...

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  • De Molen Op & Top

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: De Molen Op & Top has a dark orange colour with a white head. - Smell: Aroma of citrus, grain, grass, herbs, soy. - Mouth: Taste floral / citrus sour medium. ABV: 4.5% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: Bitter

    Out of stock
  • Gauloise Blonde

    TASTING NOTES: - Appearance: Golden color, white foam and plenty of average length and that leaves a mark on the glass. - Aroma: Sweet, fruity and spicy. - Body / Taste: Begins with citrus flavors and is become to sweet and malty and slightly...

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  • Super Bitter Baladin Ambrata 75cl

    Producer: Baladin Category: Beer

    Out of stock
  • Super Baladin Bitter 75cl

    TASTING NOTES OF Super Baladin Bitter 75cl: - Appearance: amber, with white foam moderate retention. - Aroma: Ripe fruit and brown sugar on the nose. - Body / Taste: perfect balance with notes of caramel, nuts (one touch) and hop bitterness. BREWERY:...

    Out of stock
  • Brewdog Hop Fiction Pale Ale

    Producer: Brewdog Category: Beer

    Out of stock
  • Cap d'Ona Blonde 70cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Color toasted amber. Little matt white foam that dissipates quickly with some. - Nose: Good aroma, something sweet, which include malt and caramel. - Taste: The flavor is intense, slightly fruity, and nicely offset the malt...

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