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France Beer

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    Kronenbourg Blanc

    TASTING NOTES OF Kronenbourg Blanc: - Appearance: pale gold cloudy. - Aroma: orange peel, coriander and white pepper. - Body / Taste: Light mouth dry character, with citrus flavors white, freshly ground white pepper and fresh ginger. BREWERY: Carlsberg....

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  • Telenn Du

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Telenn Du has a deep ruby ​​colour. - Smell: Aroma is chocolate, snuff, hints of berries and vegetables. - Mouth: light body. Lightly toasted and grainy flavour, caramel notes. ABV: 4.5% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: Guarda

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  • La Goudale 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - View: La Goudale 75cl has a golden color. - Nose: Genuine aromas. - Mouth: Intense, savory and long finish. Pominent taste of sweet malt and caramel. Alcohol is noticeable but more in the end. Ideal temperature: 4-7 ° C BREWERY:...

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  • Jenlain Ambrée 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Jenlain Ambrée 75cl has an amber colour. - Smell: Aroma of bread crust, raisins, quince, mild spices. - Mouth: Notes of caramel, hops and herbs. ABV: 7.5% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: Guarda

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  • Desperados

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Color yellow - golden, translucent. - Nose: strong citrus and maize - Mouth: Touch of lime and tequila, fresh citrus. Finishes with notes of hops. Popular with the younger generation. Alcohol level: 5. 9% Vol

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  • Gavroche

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Gavroche has a deep amber color with light orange reflections, translucent. - Nose: Fruity notes, peach, apricot, passion fruit, honeyed notes and toast. - Palate: fruity, sweet flavor, berries and red fruit finish. CELLAR: Brasserie...

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  • La Choulette Ambrée 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: La Choulette Ambrée 75cl is amber coloured with brown highlights. - Smell: A rich aroma of spices, black fruit, coffee. - Mouth: Taste satisfactory, many malt with some bitterness, but well balanced. ABV: 8% Vol. TYPE OF BEER:...

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  • Anosteké Blonde

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Anosteké Blonde has a golden yellow colour, white head. - Smell: The aroma is malty with a slight sweetness and hints of honey. Fruity, citrus floral. - Mouth: The flavour is light and sweet malt, fruit and citrus notes, citrus...

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  • Bon Samaritain 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Bon Samaritain 75cl has a medium yellow colour. - Smell: The aroma is of malt, wheat moderate, moderate yeast, yeast, paper. - Mouth: Taste is moderately sweet and slightly acidic with an average duration slightly tart, paper,...

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  • La Choulette Blonde 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: La Choulette Blonde 75cl has a golden colour. - Odor: citrus and spicy aroma. - Mouth: Taste spicy, citrus and malt. ABV: 7.5% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: Guarda

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  • L'Angelus 75cl

    TASTING NOTES OF L'Angelus 75cl: - Appearance: classic blonde color - Aroma: citrus scent of flowers and white fruits - Body / Taste: Fine, lightly aromatic, fruity but with a strong smell of wheat BREWERY: Brasserie Lepers Country France TYPE OF FERMENTATION:...

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  • 3 Monts 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: 3 Monts 75cl has a light golden colour. - Smell: Aroma of malt beer, cereals and yeast. - Mouth: Taste of malt, alcohol, cereals and yeast. ABV: 8.5% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: Tasting

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  • Bracine Brune

    Producer: Brasserie Du Pays Flamand Category: Beer

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  • Ch'Ti Ambrée

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Ch'Ti Ambrée has a light amber colour. - Odour: Pleasant aroma of sweet malt, lots of brioche bread, candy. - Mouth: sweet taste, sweet bread to the fore again, nuts, lots of burnt caramel, some roasted notes. ABV: 5.9% Vol. TYPE...

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  • Rince Cochon Rouge

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Rince Cochon Rouge has a ruby ​​red colour. - Smell: sweet cherry aroma. - Mouth: sweet cherry flavour, sweet fruity notes and a tart finish. ABV: 7.5% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: fruity

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  • La Bête

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: La Bête has a golden colour. - Smell: sweet aroma, malt, fruit and grain. - Mouth: malty flavour with a spicy and alcoholic. ABV: 8% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: Lager

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  • Cervoise Lancelot

    TASTING NOTES OF Cervoise Lancelot: - Appearance: amber - Aroma: Aroma shy tropical fruit and roasted malts - Body / Taste: Malta, vanilla, slightly hops with a hint of fruit. soft palate BREWERY: Lancelot Country: France ABV: 7%

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  • Chimay Grande Réserve Magnum 1.5L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Magnum Chimay Grande Réserve 1.5L has a brownish colour. - Smell: Aromas of caramel, sugar and a bit of noticeable alcohol. - Mouth: The flavour tones of black fruits and a pleasant bitterness. The finish is warm and intense long....

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  • Desperados 65cl

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Desperados 65cl has a golden yellow colour, translucent. - Smell: Strong aroma of citrus and maize. - Mouth: Touch of lime and tequila, sweet citrus. Finishing with notes of hops. ABV: 5.9% Vol. TYPE OF BEER: Lager

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  • Ch'Ti Blonde 75cl

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Ch'Ti Blonde 75cl has an intense color. - Nose: aromas typical lager, soft and delicate. - Palate: Careful Biere de Garde. CELLAR: Brasserie Bénifontaine

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