10 things you can do if you don’t like vodka


If you have a dusty bottle of vodka at home for long and it is not to your liking, or you just received one as a gift and you don’t know what to do with it, you can enjoy these options to make the best of it.

  1. Flagship product for home: a bottle of cheap vodka is one of the best ways to take advantage of your money and that bottle you don’t want to drink. Either for cooking, cleaning or decorating, you can use it to your advantage.
  2. Eliminates odors: If it’s one of those days when you decide to clean your room and take out the training shoes from that corner for cleaning, you can spray down a cleaning solution of water and vodka and let it dry in a ventilated place, so it will be fresh and ready to use again.
  3. Disinfectant: To disinfect your hands, mix in a soap dispenser -with a little soap inside- water and a splash of vodka, it will surely be the best and most durable antibacterial soap you will try in your hands.
  4. For your hair: If you have a dry scalp or dandruff, you can rinse with vodka; that will do wonders for your hair. For this, fill a cup with vodka and herbs like rosemary or lavender, and after it sets start using it for several days after your regular shampoo.
  5. Coverage of cakes: If you make cupcakes or cakes with cracked or flaky dough and want to soften it, forget water and add cold sweedish vodka, this will make the dough more manageable to knead it, and its alcohol will evaporate in the oven without affecting the flavors.
  6. Dry cleaning: By placing vodka and water in equal parts in a spray bottle you can extend the use of your clothing; just spray your suits and dresses with the solution and eliminate odors like smoke and sweat for longer. Same goes for glass cleaning.
  7. Improve its taste: If you have given or purchased low budget vodka, it will not be good quality. You still have the option to improve its flavor with a jar and a carbon filter. Pour your vodka through the carbon filter several times and eliminate the unpleasant taste.
  8. Extend the life of flowers: To extend the life of the flowers, creating a more attractive environment at home for longer and save some money on replacing your flowers, an excellent strategy is to add a tablespoon of sugar and another of vodka for watering your flowers as usual, vodka kills germs and sugar feeds plants.
  9. Ice pack: If you want to simplify your domestic life, combine russian vodka and water in a bag and place it on the freezer, the result is a quite useful reusable ice bag.
  10. Infusions: If you’re tired of just vodka, you can combine and macerate it in a jar with your favorite fruit: it will become a sophisticated vodka to make cocktails at meetings with friends at home.

Anyway, if you do not like vodka is probably because you have not tried any of our recommendations for today:

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Grey Goose Vodka 1L



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Smirnoff Strawberry Twist 1L

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