Aguardientes of the world: get together!!!

 TAGS:If there is a drink which can unite all cultures and lands as you cannot even get to imagine, that’s the aguardiente. For example, the plum liquor has an Asian ancestry, but it is also usually consumed in the Balkans and Central European countries.

It is quite interesting to notice the geographical distance between the two locations, but it seems that in the case of spirits that is a constant. For example, in the case of sugar cane spirit, you can find it made in Brazil, the French West Indies and in Mexico.

In this last country you could also probably find the best agave spirit in the world, though it is not the only source, as some Caribbean locations share the secret of its production, considering that we are talking about different varieties.

Following this enumeration of spirits, we would get to one of my favorites: Kirsch. This spirit is one of the most international and when you want to buy a bottle you have the chance to choose to bring something truly exotic Asian origin, or to opt for a more traditional European style as those found in Germany or Switzerland. I, however, always recommend choosing one of Spanish origin.

Specifically, a cherry liquor made from Extremadura excellent Jerte Valley, a place worth visiting, not only as to buy liquor, but to have the chance to witness the spectacle of flowering trees in some the first few weeks of spring.

Spirits made from grapes deserve a whole article for their own. In fact, its use is so widespread that they have their own name: ?orujo? (marc). Galicia and the Canary Islands are two major producers of high quality orujo in different varieties.

If this grape liquor has complied with a time of aging, then it is known as brandy or cognac, also depending on the origin.

Finally, one of the nicest spirits: the apple one. When buying a good one you can choose in between a good distillery in the U.S. or in the UK. Personally, I prefer the latter, especially for its long tradition, although it must be said that in the North of Spain, in Asturias, we also have excellent examples of expertise regarding such spirits.

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