Are you prepared for an exceptional Valentine’s day?


We don’t really need a Valentine’s day to say I love you or to drink a glass of good wine. But as Valentine’s day is coming anyway, why shouldn’t we enjoy a tempting wine or seduce with it or let us be seduced?

A glass of wine, a champagne or a well-prepared cocktail will guarantee that your night will be infinitely better. We would like to offer you some wines and some ideas to assure that your Valentine’s day will be much more than just a pink heart. #LoveisintheWine, no doubt! 

Very very sweet

We all know that strawberries with champagne are the epitome of an aphrodisiac but what about trying other options which are at least as delicious and sensual… Have you already tried to combine wine and chocolate?

The secret is to have time to enjoy without hurry and to select a balanced combination: Red wine with a perceptible presence of red berries matches perfectly with bitter chocolate; fruity white wine goes better with sweet chocolate or in combination with fruits.

Once you have wine and chocolate, it only remains to open the bottle of wine and chop the chocolate into small pieces while you allow the wine to breathe. Then you sit down, fill the glasses, taste it and immediately after the first sip you take a piece of chocolate… What follows is your business but the beginning was made. 

 TAGS:Apasionado de José Pariente 2011Apasionado de José Pariente 2011

Apasionado de José Pariente 2011 is a white wine with Rueda DO with the best bunches of sauvignon Blanc from the 2011 vintage and 11º of volume of alcohol.


 TAGS:Assorted Tasting Five Belgian ChocolatesAssorted Tasting Five Belgian Chocolates

Delicious Assorted of Belgian Chocolates



Very very amusing

Often we forget to play. The daily routine, hurries and obligations keep us from devoting time so that? we go straight to the point, socks included. But playing is fun and, indeed, much more exciting. A vinyl in the background, a massage, some accessories, a previous dinner during which you discussed all the topics you care about and in which you?ve got seduced again… All this might (will) be the best way to let yourself go and get back the time you might have wasted in the past.

But? which games? We are sure that you have a lot of ideas but if you need some hints, don’t worry, we’ll support you. Whether with wine or?something else. It is about packs that reveal who dominates and who is submitted, make us immerse in the world of Parisian burlesque and finally inspire us to float in the phantasies of Shades of Grey.

 TAGS:Pack Átame (Tie Me) GreyPack Tie Me Grey

Feel like you were Christian Grey!



 TAGS:Pack Átame (Tie Me) ProseccoPack Tie Me Prosecco

Feel like you were in a Parisian burlesque!



Are you brave enough? Is fo, yo can discover some other great ideas to celebrate yout Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss them! 

And… We offer you ideas and wine, also!

We come up with some ideas for your Valentine’s day and also offer you the wine to celebrate it – of course! So, first of all you should think of the wine which you desire most. You desire it so much that if your erotic myth were a wine, it would be this one.

Fine. We are not able to serve you with an erotic myth but we can offer you this wine. Therefore we make the following suggestion: Tell us on Facebook with which wine you’ll pair your Valentine’s day dinner and Uvinum sends it directly to your home so that you can enjoy it… and whatever may come 😉

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