Argentina, Malbec Reign

 TAGS:When we speak of Malbec we think of Argentina. This country, one of the leading wine producers in South America, is famous for this monovarietal and in some cases, though the least, very fortunate blends which combine that grape with Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah, and sometimes with Merlot.

However, not everyone knows that the Malbec grape came from France, specifically from Bordeaux region. Although its origin is French, we cannot speak of the peak of its evolution until it met gauchos soils, where it has already been for more than a century giving us satisfaction. In fact, Argentinean red wines with Malbec endure over the years much better than their French predecessors, to which they can beat as far as aging is concerned.

Mendoza is perhaps the region in Argentina which produces the best wines from this grape, but there are other places, such as Salta or Río Negro where you can find Malbec vineyards, though nothing comparable to the extent and quality of the former one.

Red wines from Argentina with Malbec are generally considered milder than other French wines made from the same grape or with blends containing it. However, I attest that I do not particularly like much too fruity red wines, I generally prefer wood, tobacco and licorice flavors, and I find in Malbec wines an endless source of hits.

Surely, the success in our choice will depend on the region and the winery, so those who have been discouraged in their pursuit of the perfect Malbec have to keep trying, because I am sure that they will find an exquisite wine that will persuade them. For the first few times, and although you can also get lucky and hit with a five dollars wine, I recommend choosing one around fifteen dollars.

Although it is true that everything depends on many things, such as the food pairing that you have in mind, because it is not the same to drink the wine with a pasta dish than together with a good piece of meat.

Among the cheapest I would highlight two wines: La Consulta and Callia Alta, which do not disappoint. For those who want to enter the world of Argentine wines with a little more slack, I would recommend a Norton Reserva Malbec 2008, Humberto Canale Gran Reserva Malbec 2006 or an Altavista Terroir Selection Malbec 2007. But as there is no accounting for taste, I wait for your comments.

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 TAGS:Humberto Canale Gran Reserva Malbec 2006Humberto Canale Gran Reserva Malbec 2006

From Patagonia, smooth and creamy, perfect to pair with a good conversation…



 TAGS:Norton Reserva Malbec 2008Norton Reserva Malbec 2008

Norton is one of the biggest south american cellars, using Malbec as main grape.

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