August 7, International Beer Day


Cold, of various flavors and brands… beer is one of the most international and consumed drinks during the summer. It is therefore not surprising that the International Beer Day is celebrated in August. Specifically, on August 7, a day when you can celebrate giving a tribute to this popular beverage, drinking different types of it.

This festival is celebrated since 2007, when a group of friends chose this day to celebrate beer consumption worldwide. Various events are typically held focusing on beer in a total of 25 different countries.

The website that was specially created to commemorate this day, International Beer Day, reports on the various events that will take place, especially in the United States, during the day. It also sets goals to celebrate. On the one hand, it specifies that basically has been set a specific day in order to meet friends and drink beer.

This day is also dedicated to those who serve beer throughout the year, to those who elaborate it and to set a standard day that encompasses the various beers of the world, in order to unite cultures.

In Spain, it is also celebrated in different ways, especially in bars and establishments with discounts and special promotions, although is not as important as in other countries, such as France or England where the events will be numerous.

While you can make up this day by yourself and celebrate it your way, we suggest a few options.

  • Taste beers that you have not tried so far. From traditional Belgian beers to stouts.
  • Do beer tastings. They are fashionable and are held at several venues. Usually they taste five different beers, in order to differentiate colors and flavors.
  • Cooking with beer. Enter the kitchen and treat yourself with some special dish made with beer.
  • Purchase craft beer. It is one of the types that are most talked about right now. Try craft and different flavours at places that have their own breweries.


 TAGS:Gulden DraakGulden Draak

Gulden Draak: a pale ale beer from Brasserie Van Steenberge brewery of cool fermenting made in Belgium 10º of alcohol content.



 TAGS:Westmalle TripelWestmalle Tripel

Westmalle Tripel:  a trappist beer from Brasserie de Westmalle brewery from Belgium produced with warm fermenting with 9.5º of alcohol proof.


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