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The 3 best fruit cups

 TAGS:Fruit cups or summer cups are among the most appreciated drinks by the English in summer. The mix of fruits and liqueur makes us go crazy! Softness and freshness and all that together in one singular drink! It can be defined as a mixture of a high-alcohol spirit (gin, whisky or brandy, normally) with some of those marvellous fruits we can find in the United Kingdom: strawberries, peaches and inclusively tea or cucumber.

Do you use to drink fruit cups? Which one is your favourite one? We want to show you the three most sold on Uvinum in the United Kingdom.

3. Bols Apricot Brandy

 TAGS:Bols Apricot BrandyBols Apricot Brandy

Bols Apricot Brandy, one on the best Fruit Cups



 2. Sipsmith Summer Cup

 TAGS:Sipsmith Summer Cup 50clSipsmith Summer Cup 50cl

Sipsmith Summer Cup 50cl, don’t miss it



1. Pimm’s


Pimm’s, you must try this  fresh and sweet drink!


The 5 best-selling German white wine in summer


Right now you fancy a chilled white wine, right? And that is because when it?s that hot, nothing is better to refresh ourselves than a good wine, to 7-9 º C, which helps us getting away from the heat. But what wine do we choose? The German white wines are the UK?s favorites: light, fresh, with great acidity, they can be combined with any light food, but are just as good when drunk alone, on a terrace next to the sea.

Blue Nun, Black Tower … these are some of the British?s summer favorites wine brands. But do you want to know what German white wines Uvinum?s user fancy the most? Here they are:


5. Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Trocken 1L 2012

 TAGS:Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Trocken 1L 2012Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Trocken 1L 2012

Robert Weil Rheingau Riesling Trocken 1L 2012



4. Fürstlich Castell Castell Bacchus Halbtrocken 1L 2012

 TAGS:Fürstlich Castell Castell Bacchus Halbtrocken 1L 2012Fürstlich Castell Castell Bacchus Halbtrocken 1L 2012

Fürstlich Castell Castell Bacchus Halbtrocken 1L 2012



3. Bassermann-Jordan Weisser Burgunder 2011

 TAGS:Bassermann-Jordan Weisser Burgunder 2011Bassermann-Jordan Weisser Burgunder 2011

Bassermann-Jordan Weisser Burgunder 2011



2. Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011

 TAGS:Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011

Matthias Gaul Weißweincuvée Pas de Deux Trocken 2011



1. Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012

 TAGS:Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012

Bassermann-Jordan Riesling Trocken 2012


U.S. whiskey (II)

 TAGS:In this opportunity we will talk about the American Bourbon types:

Rye Whiskey

Rye Whisky Bourbon can not be called that way unless the grain mass from which proceeds is at least 51% rye instead of corn. A “straight rye” is a rye whiskey that has been aged in charred oak barrels for at least two years. In the past most Canadian whiskey is made with rye and, confusingly, Canadian whiskey is still known as “Rye” in many parts of the United States to this day, although very few reach Canadian whiskey, 51% rye regulations.

The rye whiskey has a prolonged aging and is usually fuller and spicier than bourbon. For this reason, it makes an excellent alternative to Buorbones in the preparation of the famous’ Old-Fashioned “the classic cocktail, perfectly blending delicate complement and bitter orange.

Popular brands include Jim Beam and Wild Turkey, along with the lesser known Winkle and Van, Rittenhouse and Sazerac.

Corn Whiskey

Corn whiskey is, perhaps unsurprisingly, corn whiskey containing more than 80% and is aged in barrels uncalcined unlike Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. As it is aged in new charred oak barrels for two years can not be called “straight whiskey.” In many ways, the corn whiskey is a throwback to the American whiskey of the past: is produced from grain more garato for immediate consumption, as the first whiskey distilled by Southern farmers as typical in the 18th century.

Many brands of corn whiskey are represented using their traditional agricultural and historical roots, which are sold in earthenware jars presenting old style or, in the case of Georgia Moon, with a label with pride and bragging says “Guaranteed at least thirty days of old “

Tennessee Whiskey

The most common misconception about American whiskey is that Jack Daniel’s is a Bourbon. In the process of Lincoln County whiskey is filtered through approximately 10 feet of maple charcoal before aging in charred oak barrels. This active filtering process means that the final product can not be called Bourbon. The Lincoln County Process creates a smooth whiskey. Ironically, however, some time after the invention of the process the county boundaries were redrawn and now none of the distilleries that use the process is in Lincoln County.

Single Barrel

The Whiskey Single Barrel (single cask) is a single-barrel bottling (the clue is in the name), which has been specially selected – usually by the master distiller or some specialized fixture company – as a perfect whiskey himself and too good to be used for mixing to create one of the everyday products of the distillery.

These Whiskies are designed to demonstrate the highest expression of a brand – they represent the zenith of a distillery capacity and skill of the master distiller. The disadvantages of a single barrel whiskeys are: on one hand, are inherently very limited production, the realistic maximum is around 500 bottles, so that when you have finished your favorite bottle may not is easily again. Second, for all the reasons stated above, barrel whiskeys may be considered expensive, although there are examples of great affordable prices as available from the likes of Evan Williams and Eagle Rare. In short, for those wishing to try the best we can offer the bourbon whiskey “Single Barrel” is a good place to start, your taste buds will thank you.

Small Batch

 As the “Single Barrel” whiskey, “Small Batch” is elitist and exclusive taste: Mix a very small number of exceptional casks (usually no more than 10 barrels, but maybe less), the characteristics of these small lots include for quality and depth of flavor – but has the added advantage of being given greater availability, it is easier to get and cheaper than the “Single Barrel” but generally the price difference is small but there.

The main difference between the Single Barrel whiskeys and small batch is that where individual barrels are a product of pure nature, small batch whiskeys are designed and built by the trained palate experience. The small batch whiskeys are testing the skills of master blenders that make them. To create a small batch whiskey, you should know that barrels to collect in order to achieve the desired end result and then mix them with skill to achieve the perfect balance of flavors, smoothness and power.

For this reason, a good small batch whiskey can sometimes exceed whiskeys “Single” as they are works of art, while individual examples of the barrel could be seen as accidents of nature if you will.

Want to try some of the great American whiskeys? We recommend two of the most exclusive:

 TAGS:Blanton's Silver EditionBlanton’s Silver Edition

Blanton’s Silver Edition



 TAGS:Hudson Four Grain BourbonHudson Four Grain Bourbon

Hudson Four Grain Bourbon

U.S. whiskey (I)

 TAGS:The Bourbon got its name because customers in New Orleans were offer to order the whisky produced in Bourbon County (Kentucky), which contained many major producing cities.

The history of this drink dates back to the eighteenth century when American farmers began the adventure of surplus distilled grain crops. A new industry and tradition had come: the great American whiskey. Whiskey production became widespread and after a dispute over taxes collected by the government (which led to the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794), many producers moved south into Kentucky and Tennessee, where they met some excellent conditions for the production of and easy access to transportation by river for their goods. Soon places like Bardstown and Louisville had blossomed into thriving communities whiskey producers.

The business became industry, the American palate had learned to appreciate that unique and distinctive blend of flavors. Three centuries later still the favorite in America and in many cases outside its borders, competing on the palate along with more traditional Scotch whiskeys and renowned. Much time has elapsed since its introduction to the market and consumer tastes. A strong and powerful industry that nevertheless retains traditional features when it comes to creating as characteristic drink.

Over time, improvements in the process of making whiskey were introduced: Coking barrels to produce a rich and sweet high quality spirit. The success of the whiskeys produced led to the widespread adoption of these new methods and quickly became the industry standard.

Like any industry based on tradition and the requirement to comply with U.S. trade law whiskey can only be called bourbon if it meets the following conditions:

Grain mix used in production must consist of not less than 51% and not more than 80% of maize. Typical corn content is around 70%.
The rest consists of other cereals, usually rye, wheat and malted barley.
The whiskey should be left in the still of alcohol not exceeding 80 per volume
It must be aged in white oak barrels charred on a percentage not exceeding 62.5 when it goes into the barrel.
Do you know the best American bourbon? Surely you surprised today with our recommendations:

 TAGS:Jim BeamJim Beam

Jim Beam



 TAGS:Jack Daniel's Gentleman JackJack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

Garnacha, defending the native

 TAGS:After many “fads” and tests with different prestigious international varieties, many cellars and production areas in Spain have taken up the cultivation of the Garnacha.

The spanish Garnacha (Grenache in France) is a late variety, very vigorous and productive. It adapts well to sandy soils with stones and is slightly acidic. It reaches its highest expression in old vines from the eastern half of the Iberian peninsula but it growns in greater or lesser degree in almost all Spanish wine regions.

Garnacha produces balanced wines. The red or rose garnacha wine can easily reach 15° alcohol, has little colour, good body and good acidity. The palate is fleshy and tasty. Spanish wines made ??from garnacha are beginning to be recognized around the world as a sign of our Mediterranean style in red wines.

 TAGS:Artazuri Rosado 2011Artazuri Rosado 2011

Artazuri Rosado 2011



 TAGS:Borsao Selección 2012Borsao Selección 2012

Borsao Selección 2012

Albariño, Galician perfum

 TAGS:The Albariño grape is a white variety grown mainly in Galicia and more specifically in the area of the Rias Baixas appellation. It is also widely used in the northern Portugal area of Vinho Verde.

It is considered one of the most important indigenous varieties of Galicia. The grape clusters are small, with early maturity and medium vigor. Wines made from this variety are often called “Albariño” and have a straw-yellow, bright, with hints of gold and green. They have floral and fruity aromas (apricot, pineapple …), fine and distinguished, which impress pleasantly. The taste is fresh and soft, with body and alcohol (between 11 and 13% Vol), balanced acidity (between 7 and 9 g/l), and large harmonious shades. Its taste is pleasant, elegant and complete.

The “Albariño” are the most famous white wines of Galicia, and have develop in recent years with a variety of brands, styles and presentations. They are considered the ideal complement to the Galician seafood and are listed in almost all wine lists in Spain. They begin to make their way in many countries, where they are notable for being made ??with native variety and be highly perfumed, elegant and aromatic.

Despite being white wines, Albariños consumed in its second year reach their highest expression and balance.

 TAGS:Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011

Albariño de Fefiñanes 2011



 TAGS:Pequeño Santos 2011Pequeño Santos 2011

Pequeño Santos 2011

Wine Routes You Shouldn’t Miss This Fall

 TAGS:In Spain, when we say fall, we say harvest time. Spain is a country with a great wine tradition a country which brings to the table no less than 60 wine products, all with a protected designation of origin. And although there are many options to enjoy a wine tasting getaway, the eDreams Travel Blog is guiding us today through five both spectacular and affordable wine trips.

Castilla la Mancha

The ?Caminos del Vino? route covers seven municipalities in the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real and Cuenca. In addition to the wide variety of local wines, the route has an important artistic and cultural heritage: medieval buildings, ancient manor houses and legendary mills. It might feel like you?ve travelled to Don Quixote?s times. With more than 70 establishments to visit, the ?Caminos del Vino? wine route adapts to the preferences and budgets of all visitors.


 TAGS:La Rioja is the land of wine by excellence. We suggest a route that goes through its capital,
Logroño, then a visit to San Gregorio, one of the many underground cellars of the town. Then you can get close to French-Spanish nineteenth century Wine Cellars which shows the evolution and of the wine craft. You can end the tour with the famous Laurel, a town full of bars where you can sample the best Rioja wines and tapas.


On the banks of the river Sil and Minho, between Lugo and Orense, there is the Ribeira Sacra protected designation of origin. For an affordable price, the route offers a one hour and a half boat trip by the Sil river with a guide, and a visit to a winery with wine tasting included.

The Basque Country

 - ?Gastrotour? is a food and wine tour which will guide you through some of the best of wine and food of the region. The tour offers many experiences to choose from. In San Sebastián, for example, you can choose between taking a tapas tour around town or go for the gourmet experience, in which a cook accompanies you to the ?La Bretxa? market to select and buy the ingredients for some of the traditional dishes that you will afterwards cook and enjoy together in a local foodie club.

Castilla y León

Fancy a helicopter ride from ?Cuatro Vientos? (Madrid) to the ?Ribera del Duero? so you can visit three wineries in the area? During the tour you will learn about the different grape varieties, about the evolution of wine with regard to the different types of barrels used and even participate in wine tasting courses …

We see you?re starting to pack your bags already … wait, we?re coming as well.

Top Five Dubai Wine Bars

 TAGS:The following blog is a guest post written by Katherine Stott of CondoGala, the optimal source for any information relating to luxury condos and apartments.

When you think of Dubai, your mind wanders to thoughts of impressive buildings, man-made scenery and the scorching heat of life in the desert. One doesn’t normally associate wine with the city of Dubai, but interestingly enough, the city is home to a number of exceptional wine bars. Here’s our list of the top five wine bars in Dubai. Feel free to add your own if you think we’ve missed some of the more important ones. In no particular order…

1. Cin Cin

Located within the Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, Cin Cin is known for its impressive cellar, stocked to the hilt with over 350 international wines that come by the bottle, as well as 35 wines by the glass. The food menu is nothing short of delectable and the atmosphere offers a relaxed, yet vibrant lounge appeal. Dress code is smart casual.

Open times: 7pm – 2am

Contact number: +971 4 311 8316

2. Vintage

 TAGS:Small and intimate, Vintage evokes feelings of being at home while lounging in a luxurious setting of armchairs, sofas and tables. Being home to a great wine cellar affords this venue a spot as one of our top five Dubai wine bars, but also because of the delectable cheese board it offers as a complement to the wine, and happy hour; daily from 5pm ? 7pm. Located at Wafi, Oud Metha, Vintage is a wine lover’s winner.

Open hours: 5pm ? 1:30am

Contact number: +971 4 324 4100

3. Oeno

 TAGS:Oeno is known for having a vast selection of stunning wines, from vintage champagnes to sweet sauternes. Wine tasting is offered in a private room for devout connoisseurs who take their wines seriously, and there is a second private room specifically for the sampling of cheese. The two taste sensations are perfectly matched for you by trained sommeliers to set you on a sensorial journey that will leave you wanting more. If you arrive on Tuesdays, more is exactly what you’ll get with Oeno’s happy ?hour?. You’ll find Oeno at the Westin in Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Jumeirah.

Open hours: 6pm ? 1:30am Monday to Saturday

Contact number: +971 4 511 7136

4. Traiteur

Traiteur wins the award for stylish décor and impeccable finishes. This designer wine bar could be one of the top five Dubai wine bars based on looks and ambience alone, but this Park Hyatt establishment has so much more to offer in terms of wine selection, service and award-winning food accompaniments. With 4,200 bottles to their wine cellar, there’s a great deal of exploring to be done. You’ll find Traiteur in the Park Hyatt hotel in Deira.

Open hours: 6pm ? midnight Sunday to Friday

Contact number: +971 4 317 2222

5. The Agency

 TAGS:Located in Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road, The Agency is one of the most popular wine bars in Dubai, where you might have to be quite ruthless to get a table. Daily gatherings of young adults flock here to share conversation over a decent range of premium and exclusive wines and a collection of about 60 wines served by the glass. Sommeliers attend to tables, helping patrons choose the right wines to go with snacks or based on preference. A popular hangout that’s both comfortable and well-stocked.

Open hours: Noon – 3am

Contact number: +971 4 330 3030

Images courtesy of TimeOut Dubai.

Sweet sparkling, another option for the desserts

 TAGS:Tired of the typical muscat? Bored of that glass of port that looks like the after lunch official drink? Come on man, there are other options, just encourage yourself and try something new. Sweet sparkling wines are the chic option to accompany desserts.

Sweeter than a champagne or a cava (Spanish sparkling wine), but not as mellow as muscatel or port wine, sweet sparkling wines are the youngest choice for an evening that ends withan original point.

But you need to find the appropriate glasses because sweet sparkling wines should not be served in shot glasses! You will make a very good impression if you also include any of thesesparkling wines in your wine list. And if you are worried about your image and you are always trying to find the perfect way for the food to be presented, sweet sparkling wines will help you get that infallible gourmet touch.

You can bring them to the table with a grape or with a lychee inside. Or you can cut a slice of strawberry and use it to decorate the edge of the cup. Because the variety of colors and flavors of these wines will help you get a beautiful table, where the pink, green or golden colours of the wines you choose can match with details of the dessert or the dishes or linens, why not?

Usually, this kind of wines has a lower graduation than other. This fact makes them perfect for extending the after lunch or dinner. They are also the preferred option for many women because of how easy they are to drink and also due to their sweet but not too much touch which makes them perfect to have one more glass.

Wanted: Web content editor (English / German)

At Verticomm Network (Uvinum / Sportivic) we create international marketplaces with social recommendations, with a democratizing focus which aims to integrate the biggest international catalog of products in the world. Hence some of the profiles we now need are on the Contents area (still looking for a ?web content editor (French / Italian)?). We are 13 people in Barcelona, we have a huge catalog (over 300,000 wines at Uvinum, for example), and we enjoy doing what we like and learning new things every day.

We are looking for a person to join our content team (international). If you work for a while on on line contents, you have very good English and German (preferably native), you are interested in the e-commerce world, and want to develop your professional career in a place where it is believed that work is a passion… this is your place. The job: Web Content Editor.

Send us an email explaining what you did and what you feel capable of doing at Verticomm Network. Send the message with your resume (the samples of your work will be assessed).


  • Edit your own content and the content generated by teams of freelance editors (by language: English and German).
  • Translate content and manage teams of freelance translators (by language: English and German).
  • Generate periodic reports on the status of the content and the catalog of the different Uvinum sites (by country) and in the future from other English and German versions of the verticals inter-nations (Sportivic…).
  • Help us targeting our content to English (UK / U.S.) and German (DE) markets.
  • Find new content sources and coordinate the updating of our catalog and its quality (product listings).
  • Search keywords and SEO of international content (internal training provided).
  • Stay current and updated on trends, developments and news from the e-commerce world.

Minimum requirements:

  • Essential high level of English and German (other languages will be valued, but mostly German).
  • To have managed external content teams will be valued.
  • Experience with on line content tasks.
  • Ability to identify opportunities (business vision).
  • Good skills in data analysis and reporting.
  • Impeccable writing. Excellent written communication skills (examples of previous texts).
  • Ability for teamwork.
  • Organized person, very focused on detail
  • Ability to work under pressure and with multiple simultaneous tasks with high priority. 
  • Orientation to goals.
  • Good time management skills.

Desired requirements:

  • Active person in the web 2.0 (social profiles).
  • Good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of web metrics and analytics.
  • Knowledge of Excel
  • Experience using search and keyword analysis tools. Proactivity


Permanent contract, with 6 months trial period.
Availability: Full time
Working hours: Mo-Th 9 am to 6:30 pm, Fr 9 am to 3 pm

Labor benefits:

  • Percentage according to goals
  • Organizational and hour flexibility

Note: applications that do not meet all minimum requirements will not be taken into consideration.

Send cover letter + resume + portfolio (if available) to: