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3 Sangrias to organize a party

 TAGS:Sangria is a typical Spanish drink, which is consumed especially in summer. It is much more Spanish than for example wine, where we compete with the French or English or beer, with Belgians and Germans, as main producers. In whole Europe (or in the whole world) sangria is the Spanish ambassador par excellence and the secret of success of the Spanish summer.

Its preparation is very easy and varied. Sangria is a “wine punch” and it’s the easy result of mixing red wine, a citrical juice, fruits and sometimes a little bit of brandy or some similar liqueur. There are also sangrias with Cava or Cider that contain different ingredients.That’s why in today’s post instead of showing you how to prepare home-made sangria, we recommend you 3 of the best sangrias for a party.

3. Sangría Pinord Racimo: The stylish one

 TAGS:Sangría Pinord Racimo 75clSangría Pinord Racimo 75cl

Sangría Pinord Racimo 75cl, with the best shape



2. Sangría Costa Brava: The modern one

 TAGS:Sangría Costa Brava 1LSangría Costa Brava 1L

Sangría Costa Brava 1L, one of the most famous Spanish producers offer a Sangria you can take to every place.



1. Sangria Real: The international

 TAGS:Real Sangría Bag 3LReal Sangría Bag 3L

Real Sangría Bag 3L, an international Sangria that is sold in Europe and the United States, responsible for its big success.

How to wine-press a girl on a date

 TAGS:Are you about to go on a date and you don’t know what to bring with you or where to take the girl of your dreams in order to impress her?

There is a little secret you should absolutely know which will make your date a great success. 

Remember that wine is the perfect accompaniment to any date and it will impress all the ladies. If you are invited to a girl’s house, forget about bringing flowers, that’s old fashioned, take a bottle of wine with you instead.

Of course the wine should be carefully chosen, don’t buy the first wine you see on the shelf of your supermarket, neither the cheapest one, unless you want your date turn into a disaster and wake up with a big headache the day after. It’s up to you if you opt for red wine or white wine

The best thing would be bringing a wine you already know and have enjoyed before, otherwise you could also choose a new wine but make sure to know some details about the wine already. 

If you can tell the girl some facts about the wine, she will enjoy it even more. But I don’t mean just some lame facts as alcohol percentage or appellation, as she can read that herself, but maybe a story behind or some funny facts (don’t talk about the last time you drank it with your ex).

When you toast, always look the girl in the eyes and instead of the common words like “Cheers” or “Good health”, you could say something more personal as “You are such a wonderful person” or ” I am so glad we met”. Although that’s what women usually want to hear, you should feel it, otherwise it could sound ridiculous.

If you want to make a really good impression, take some easy pairings with you. Bring cheese, berries or apples. The best you can do is buy a Bordeaux wine and some different types of cheese as gouda, goat and cheddar cheese. She will love that as she will see you as a caring person and that will give you extra points.

Here are 3 top wines every girl will absolutely enjoy:

 TAGS:Oremus Tokaji Aszú Mandolas 2007Oremus Tokaji Aszú Mandolas 2007

Oremus Tokaji Aszú Mandolas 2007, waxed, smooth, luscious, honey with a touch of citrus acidity that makes it round and sweet.



 TAGS:Honoro Vera Garnacha 2012Honoro Vera Garnacha 2012

Honoro Vera Garnacha 2012, young wine, cool bottle design

The Élysée auctions its luxury wines

 TAGS:In future the guests of the Élysée Palace will have to renounce to the consumption of expensive wines. According to an article on the french newspaper “Le Monde”, President Hollande auctioned part of the 15.000 wines of his private collection.

Expensive brands as Petrus, Lafite or Dom Pérignon will be replaced by other cheaper wines. 

In contrast to former president Sarkozy, who didn’t feel like renouncing to expensive wine, Hollande stands for cost-cutting policy. The yearly expenses of 250.000 Euro for wines seem “exagerated” and “ridiculous” to his eyes and should be decreased. “3000 Euros per bottle shouldn’t be paid out of public treasury”, Hollande stated in an interview.

Exemplary or decandent?

Public opinion differs when it comes to the auction of statal french wine. What appears as an exemplary attitude in times of crisis to some, seems decadent or inappropriate to others.

“Famous french wines or champagnes are french statal symbols and renouncing to them is just not the right way”, a french entrepreneur referred to the newspaper.

In any case, the wine collection has been auctioned at the end end of may in the Parisian auction house “Drout”. The auction attracted more than 200 interested people, among them were sommeliers from all french regions and from outside.

The cheapest bottle was sold for 350 Euros, a Petrus of 1990 on the other hand, was bought at a price of 5800 Euros.

The happy auctioner of this exclusive wine was  Fan Dongxing, an importer of foreign wines. He travelled to Paris from Shanghai just to take part in the auction. “Chinese people love French wines. It’s a big honour for us that this wine comes from the Élysée Palace”, Dongxing commented about his successful offer.

With the sale of approximately every tenth bottle of the Élysée wine cellar, now there is space for new and cheaper wines. The rest of the auction income will go into the damaged State Budget.

French Wine Tradition

The Champagne collection of France goes back to 1947, when in times of monarchy it was a costume to offer a glass of french wine or champagne to the visitors to broaden the reputation of french wine. Brands as Petrus, Roederer, Yquem, Lafite, Mouton Rotschild, Dom Pérignon, Figeac, Margaux, Haut Brion, Veuve Cliquot and Cheval Blanchave always been present at important celebrations and were always in easy reach of diplomatic representants.

De Gaulle was a fan of Drappier Champagne, Pompidou preferred the Chateau Lafite. Giscard served Margaux to his visitors, Mitterand preferred to toast with Haut Marbuzet and Chirac loved to drink Mouton Rotschild with dinner. And Sarkozy? I am sorry to disappoint you but actually his favourite drink was diet coke.

Which wine do you prefer? Here some suggestions:

 TAGS:Domaine Albert Grivault - Meursault Clos Des Perrières 1Er Cru 2007Domaine Albert Grivault – Meursault Clos Des Perrières 1Er Cru 2007

Domaine Albert Grivault – Meursault Clos Des Perrières 1Er Cru 2007



 TAGS:Château Raymond-Lafon Sauternes 1989Château Raymond-Lafon Sauternes 1989

Château Raymond-Lafon Sauternes 1989

Wine in capsules

Scientific study
gave the result that resveratrol, which is present in red wine, has positive effects on health and longevity of animals. After a long investigation period, scientists managed to create a similar compound in capsules. 

This study is actually a big advance as it could offer an alternative for those who don’t have the possibility of consuming wine on a daily basis and want to preserve their health. Nowadays drinking a glass of wine may be the easiest way of consuming resveratrol but in future the consumption of those highly dosed capsules could help to prevent diseases of old age.

The resveratrol compound is equivalent to 100 glasses of red wine and will be available on the market in approximately 5 years if everything works out correctly in the laboratories. This compound is the result of many tests made since 2005 to offer a more concentrated alternative.

According to David Sinclair, Professor in Genetics at Harvard’s Medicine School, it was tested on animals and results were succesful as they became more resistent to obesity and the ageing process could be slowed down. 4000 formules were created and some of them have been tested on humans as they seem secure.

So if everything works out correctly we will be able to buy those capsules in shops in a few years from now and they will work also as strong antioxidants. In that way red wine will stay trendy among health gurus.

Should we recommend you some red wines for your diet? Here you are.

 TAGS:Lan Reserva 2007Lan Reserva 2007

Lan Reserva 2007



 TAGS:Viña Albina Gran Reserva 2001Viña Albina Gran Reserva 2001

Viña Albina Gran Reserva 2001

Chivas Whisky flows into the river – Enormous loss for the company

 TAGS:Thousands of litres of whisky have been flushed away last Tuesday from the Chivas Brothers plant in the locality of Dumbarton in the East of Scotland. According to reports of BBC and the Scottish Sun, it happened at night time while workers were cleaning up the equipment. A mistake in the cleaning up process was responsible for the loss of estimated 18.000 litres of whisky that flushed away instead of the waste water.

“We are currently investigating an accidental loss on the 26 of february at our Dumbarton site, where some spirit was released to the local water treatment plant. There has been no release of spirit to the river Leven or any other local water course. We have informed Scottish Water and all other relevant authorities”, a spokesman of Chivas told the local authorities.

The loss occured during night-shift in the plant in which 600 people work. What was supposed to be a routinary cleaning up process to guarantee the perfect fusion among different products, became a loss and a terrible image damage for the company.

“It happened during the change of turns. Instead of discharging the water and the cleaning product, they turned on the tap of the whisky that started to flow. The worst is that no one noticed it until 11 o’clock in the morning”, a witness reported to the Daily News.

Scottish Water for their part informed about a strong smell of whisky which made the sewage workers become aware of the problem. As discharging large volumes of alcohol into the sewer network can have an adverse impact on waste water treatment processes, staff wants to make sure that such an event won’t occur again.

Therefore a team of Scottish water visited the company to get an oversight into its failure investigation to ensure that all possible precautions are being taken.

The estimated value of the appreciated liquor amounts to 600.000 Euros and climate between workers has become tense as they fear further actions of the head of the company who affirmed to  fire the person responsible for the production of the accident.

Chivas production was first established in 1801 by the Chivas Brothers and is the oldest operating Highland distillery. Nowadays Chivas Regal is the market-leading Scotch whisky aged 12 years. Beside from Chivas Regal, the plant also produces other labels as Ballantine’s and the Glenlivet.

Do you want to buy whisky? Here some suggestions:


 TAGS:Chivas Regal 12 YearsChivas Regal 12 Years

Chivas Regal 12 Years, an authentic whisky




 TAGS:Whisky Chivas Regal 21 Years Royal SaluteWhisky Chivas Regal 21 Years Royal Salute

Whisky Chivas Regal 21 Years Royal Salute, a great gift

The drinks of Sex and the City

 TAGS:There was  a time when I was waiting for the adventures of Carrie&Co on the television set with excitement the whole week.  Have you gone through this as well?..Come on, admit your addiction..

From Downtown to Manhattan, the protagonists didn’t leave out just one singular hotspot or fashionable bar. It doesn’t matter if they were shot in trendy street coffee shops or singular bars as the Bed Club, where you lie on beds and drink and eat, we all remember the scenes that made us so jealous in every episode. And honestly who wouldn’t like to party as Carrie and her friends just once in her life?

As it happened with Carrie’s favourite high-heels, the Manolo Blahniks, there are cocktails that became famous thanks to the series.

Who doesn’t remember the long nights of the four friends during which everything revolved about one thing… the Cosmopolitan, the queen of the cocktails and Carrie’s favourite drink. In the typical New York City Style and with a cute glass in their hand, the girls quickly became the queens of each dancefloor.

But no reason to bother..There are plenty of things you can do in your free time that come close to the activities of the series stars. Although you might not live in such a cool city as New York, it doesn’t mean you have to renounce to a party in pure Sex and the City Style. No matter if you are the vintage type as Carrie, if you prefer tight leather dresses as Samantha or you love to dress like a school girl, with the right drink in your hands, every party becomes a hit.

You always have the possibility to prepare those drinks at home. Let’s start with the Cosmopolitan:


 2 cl Cranberry juice

2 cl Vodka

1 cl Lime juice

1 cl Orange liquor


Put some crushed ice in a frozen martini glass, introduce the cocktail’s ingredients and mix for a short while. Decorate the glass with a slice of lime or orange.

Manolo – Tonic Martini:


2 cl Pomegranate liquor

1 cl Lemon Vodka

1 small drop Pineapple juice

1 small drop Cointreau

1 small drop Tonic Water


Mix all the ingredients except the tonic water with 4 ice cubes in the mixer. Place a martini glass in the freezer chest, then take it out and pour the drink inside. Add one shot of cool tonic water and it will be ready for drinking!

You don’t know the Manolo- Tonic Martini yet? It is THE cocktail of the first Sex and the City Movie and it is just so amazing that you absolutely have to try it….



4 cl Whiskey

2 cl Angostura bitters

2 small drops of  red Wermut


Mix all the ingredients with 3 or 4 ice cubes, mix them and pour them into a tumbler through a  sieve. Serve with a maraschino cherry and you will soon feel as if you were in New York’s most expensive district.

Try out these vodka types that are suitable for every occasion.

 TAGS:Grey Goose Vodka 1LGrey Goose Vodka 1L

Grey Goose Vodka 1L, the authentic pleasure of drinking whisky



 TAGS:Puschkin Time WarpPuschkin Time Warp

Puschkin Time Warp, for unforgettable nights

Good whiskies need time

 - Do you agree when people say that good things take while? As there are many things that are worth waiting for, the same rule applies to whisky.

Real whisky lovers appreciate the ones that have aged in barrels over many years and that unfold a special flavour once opened. They are certainly a temptation you won’t resist. But what makes these long aged whiskys so special and most of all, how are they produced? In this post I want to give you more information about the topic.

It’s important to know about the countries in which they are produced. Among them there are the United States, Canada, Ireland and Scotland and they are produced in distilleries that have become famous in the whole world. In Europe, Scotland is the pioneer in the production of whisky and every year it attracts visitors and “thirsty” people from all over the world that want to try them and learn more about their production. The ones who have experienced the icy winds and the warmth of the distilleries of the Scottish Highlands, will remember this experience for a long time for sure.

Some whiskies age for over 60 years, others even for centuries. Of course this long ageing process is noticeable in the price as well, that can reach 10.000 Euros per bottle. Long aged whiskies are more popular because of their softer taste and because  they loose strength and angularity during the years. The aftertase is also much better.

The most important factor in ageing is storage in wooden barrels which leads to an interaction of the distillate with the wood aroma. In this way undesired characteristics are eliminated and desired ones are added, as for example sweet taste of wood. For the taste it is very important to keep in mind which type of wood is used. Normally the wood used is either American or European Oak. The European one gives a more intense aroma but it grows much slowlier, normally it takes 100 years longer to grow than the American.

Single-Malt Whiskies have an especially long ageing process which makes them very appreciated. Single-Malt also indicates that they are produced in only one distillery and the wheat used is malted barley.

To obtain certain flavours, the distillates are poured into different barrels after some years, in which they stored sherry, ron, Portwine or wine or even very smokey whiskies before, to obtain their final maturity.

Remember that if whiskies are bottled, there ageing and maturing process automatically stops. That means that a 10-year old whisky after ten more years in a bottle, doesn’t become a 20-year old whisky.

Do you want to try some good whiskies? We recommend you these ones:

 TAGS:Chivas Regal 12 YearsChivas Regal 12 Years

Chivas Regal 12 Years, a good present



 TAGS:Chivas Regal 4.5LChivas Regal 4.5L

Chivas Regal 4.5L, pure excelelnce

The quality of Rioja wines, a debate

According to the affirmations of many wine-growers”,  Rioja, which is one of the most  TAGS:important wine regions of Spain, is becoming more polarized in what is concerning the quality of their wines.  “The region has become more divided. On the one hand, in the extreme south they produce wine in big quantities, while in other parts they focus more on good quality rather than on quantity.

There are wine-growers that damage the image of the Rioja wine when they place Gran Reserve wines at the market at the price of only 8 pounds (12 euros)”,  Jesús Madrazo, head of Viñedos del Continuo, told Uvinum during his last visit to London.  

According to this experienced oenologist, the future of Rioja wine may depend on a new generation of oenologists that will pay special attention to the soul for incrementing the quality of their wines: “The majority of wines is produced in small family-owned companies that wish to learn a lot about the soul and its components and how to get the best out of them without lacking the respect it deserves.

“The division of Rioja is due to 2 different perspectives regarding the wine and has negative influences on the region on a market which is already complex nowadays. Apart from this fact, Madrazo recognized that these divisions do not always occur and that big producers as “Bodegas Muga, Cune (CVNE) and Viña Tondonia – Bodegas López de Heredia produce wines of great quality mentioning CVNE as a good example because they produce 300.000 bottles of Imperialwine a year, whose quality remained excellent despite the large scale production.

Regardless of the division of Rioja, Madrazo considers that there will be a reconsideration of the terrain in future: “The chalky clay souls of Rioja Alavesa have effects on the wine, they profit from the mediterranean climate and also from the influence of the atlantic ocean, which differentiates it from the other 2 sub-regions.

“Now we have to wait to see what the future of Rioja wine will be like, in terms of quality as well as  concerning its position on an international market compared to other options that are available to the consumers and lovers of good wine.

“Do you want to try Rioja at a good price? Today we recommend you two basics you should have in your wine cellar.

 TAGS:Murua Reserva 2004Murua Reserva 2004

Murua Reserva 2004, a perfect option for dinner.



 TAGS:Remelluri Reserva 2007Remelluri Reserva 2007

Remelluri Reserva 2007, good quality price relation.

Asian “drinking” style

 - As a big fan of Asian countries and lifestyle in today’s post I want to talk about drinking in the oriental hemisphere. Many of us have visited Asian countries and confess to be addicted to local food but what about drinking alcohol in this part of the world?

Are there any drinks in Asia people are fund of that have not been exported to other countries yet? Or let’s say any drink that should be taken just on one specific spot and nowhere else.

Thailand is among the most visited places in Asia and its hot climate, friendly people and paradisiac beaches attract people from all over the world. The loud and crowdy “Khao San Road” in Bangkok has become the main meeting point for international travellers, especially backpackers. Apart from visiting the city, there’s one thing they especially enjoy: drinking

One of the most famous drinks in Thailand is Rice wine, a beer brewed from glutinous rice that is similar to japanes Sake. It is sold nationwide under the brand Siam Sato. Although it is called wine, it is actually more similar to beer. It is cheap and potent, but be careful, you might regret it the next morning. 

On a trip to China you shouldn’t forget to try Baijiu, a distilled Chinese alcoholic beverage.  Its name literally means “white liquor” and it has about 40 – 60% alcohol by volume. Baiju is quite challenging for the western palate, but once you got used to it you might love it. It has been described as similar to grappa although the Chinese usually prefer to take it warm.

For sure a thing that really causes impression are snake wines. They can be found in China and Vietnam and in many other countries in Southeast Asia. Snake wines are alcoholic beverages with venomous snakes inside. According to traditional Chinese medicine this drink with snake venom dissolved in liquor is able to cure different health problems as backpains, lumbago, rheumatisms and many more but they are also considered as aphrodisiacs. Snake venom is of course denatured by ethanol.

Imagine drinking a spirit with a real cobra or scorpion inside? Are you scared just thinking about it or you always wanted to try it? That’s up to you on your next trip to Vietnam!

Korea is known for its “wet” drinking culture that is similar to Finland or Russia and sadly as well for the frequent alcohol abuse of its citizens. It’s common walking around the streets and running into a well dressed bussiness man lying on the middle of the street completely smashed. Drinking is somehow part of the work culture and if you want to be accepted by your boss or employees you should never refuse drinking with them, often a lot, until the point you just forget your own name.

Makkoli is a famous Korean drink, that is a little bit softer and therefore more recommended.  It is a milky beverage with a kind of bitter sweet taste and it is drunk from a small bowl. Its alcohol content is about 7%.

To have a bit of Asian feeling at home you should try those products:


Tiger Beer, the beer of Singapore.




 TAGS:Nikka Miyagikyou Single MaltNikka Miyagikyou Single Malt

Nikka Miyagikyou Single Malt, a japanese whisky.

Poets and their favourite drinks

Drinks and poetry have always been linked and people dare to say that it was  TAGS:alcohol that inspired some of the greatest poets and writers of all times. Alcohol may have an influence on creativity but for  sure what doesn’t make Shakespeare and Co  fall into oblivion was their great talent.(or we want to believe that!) Anyway, as expected, also poets and writers had their preferences in drinking. Some of their favourite drinks became so famous that even now and in many cases after their death, we are ordering them in bars without remembering their history. 

Let’s start with the excellent poet Robert Burns who developed a great passion for Scotch whisky during his short life. As a real Scot, he even dedicated the poem “The Author?s Earnest Cry and Prayer? to this drink while he was writing the book “Freedom and whisky gang thegither!?.

Unfortunately in some cases alcohol has led  poets into misery and what was a pleasure for them at the beginning, converted into a battle they were likely to loose.  Jim Morrison or American novelist Jack Kerouac have shown us that alcohol addiction is a serious problem.

The lead singer with the the “Doors”, who died from a suspected heroin overdose at the age of 27, used to have a taste for alcohol as well. As he confessed, he was addicted to Whisky, especially Jack Daniel’s.  ?It?s like gambling somehow. You go out for a night of drinking and you don?t know where you?re going to end up the next day. It could work out good or it could be disastrous. It?s like the throw of the dice,? Morrison used to say once. In his case it was rather disastrous.

American novelist Jack Kerouac’s destiny was somehow similar. The so called “king of the beat generation” used to affirm that he was a “Catholic and not a beatnik”.  Alcohol became his “ecstasy of the mind” , a drug that killed him at the age of 47 after a long struggle against alcoholism.

Charles Bukowski was born in Germany and died in California at the age of 73. He used to love alcohol and throughout his life he wrote thousands of poems and quotes involving alcohol. His  most famous quote is ?That?s the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.? Bukowski’s favourite drink was Boilermaker, a beer with a shof of Bourbon in it.

When talking about writers and poets we should not leave out Oscar Wilde. As Toulose Lautrec, Van Gogh and other artists he was an absinthe drinker but he also enjoyed other drinks as whisky and Champagne. He didn’t use to listen to his doctor’s orders when he told him to renounce to a glass of iced Champagne.

And what about you? What’s your favourite drink you would never renounce to? We want to give you some recommendations.

 TAGS:Courvoisier 1LCourvoisier 1L

Courvoisier 1L, an authentic pleasure.


 TAGS:Cardenal MendozaCardenal Mendoza

Cardenal Mendoza, a great Spanish Brandy.