Avoid the hangover: use a patch

 TAGS:A patch that helps that it cannot be noticed how stoned you are: what a discovery! and how good timing. Now that company Christmas dinners have gone and half of the staff is working extra hours on the internet looking for: the best tricks to not get drunk at dinner company, how to avoid a hangover or deep reading of this type …

Then the invention of the year came, before its arrival the only patch to hide the visible symptoms of a hangover was that one you could put in the eye like a pirate to hide those veins that cross the eyeball from side to side, covering that drooping eyelid that is the very picture of sadness and those pupils as pins who cannot stand the light even wearing sunglasses and the having the eye closed.

Indeed, although in the United States these patches are still for sale, in the UK the invention could be bought only for a week. We do not know if it was sold out or not. It must be something to do with beer pints, you never feel bad after a beer night in the pub.

But then, I do not see it as practical. Although you don?t need to put it in the eye (thank goodness!) The downside is that you have to plan its use ahead. To me that is a shame and makes you miss all the fun of the unexpected.

If you want to get the desired effect that you expect from the patch you have to place it somewhere hairless in the body three quarters of an hour before the start of alcohol intake. For some people it can get to be a problem finding a hairless area in their bodies, others will think that the hair will disappear from the area anyway and for purely mechanical reasons when you take off the patch after ten mixed drinks…

Leonard Grossman, its inventor, argues that this is a very beneficial thing because, for as long as it remains in contact with the skin, it releases folic acid and A, K, E and D vitamins. Its detractors, among its disadvantages find that it does not reduce blood alcohol levels so it may create a false sense of security for users, such conditions lead them to think that they can drive the car after sticking the bash.

This time I’m sure I will not try, as I have another secret to never having a hangover. But those who are tired of celery and tomato juice combined with Paracetamol the morning “after” may consider it as an alternative.

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