Barsac, French excellence


It’s no secret that some of the most celebrated wine specialties are produced in the Bordeaux region. This is the case of the Barsac wine, a delight for your senses, made in white grape calcareous soils.

Among the specialties that comprise it highlights the Sémillon grape giving smoky hints, and Sauvignon Blanc, very fresh. We also found the variety of Muscadelle, with aromas of spices. The result is a wine of superb quality, among which are located world’s best. Being a young wine, it’s fruity and smooth, and eventually takes a peculiar personality with a smashing taste.

How does it smell? Its infinity of flavors transmits us fruit, citrus, vanilla or quince. The sweet and sour mix gives us a world of different flavors.

In the mouth, the sweet touch derived from white grapes is what is most striking. Because we have to keep in mind that this area it’s flatter than others in the neighboring region, and gives us smoother wines than the famous Sauternes region, where we also found very important wines.

Fresh, full-bodied, flavored like various fruits, is ideal as an aperitif, with all kinds of cheeses, especially Roquefort, or with foie. With the first, we recommend pairing the Barsac wine with fish like sole with sauce. It is also worth trying with chicken and flavorful meats.

Our recommendations:

 TAGS:Château Climens 2004Château Climens 2004

100% semillon grapes, fine and soft on the palate and should be served cold. We recommend it in summer in a terrace by the sea.

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 TAGS:Château Broustet Blanc 2003Château Broustet Blanc 2003

One of the most affordable of this appellation A white bodied wine with tradition, exported around the world. Much better in appetizers, to continue with a red.

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