Beer and its anti-virus protection properties

 TAGS:Prevent pneumonia and bronchitis is possible and the best is the remedy. Now we have a compelling reason to drink beer as its consumption provides a very effective anti-virus protection. The most interesting thing is that benefits accrue if the consumer is a young person, as declared by a team of researchers from the Japanese University of Sapporo.

Stricter Parents must change their mindset and start considering the issue from a different point of view. Since now on, when kids escape with friends to the park or the square to hang out together with a few cans of beer, we will have to consider it almost as a preventive treatment. It only remains to claim the necessary moderation when drinking, of course.

For other people, who even though we feel very young we do not have to hide to drink a beer, this means a new stage in our life. Fruit juices, with all their antioxidants and vitamins, are still fine and digestive liquors might also be a good invention but, let’s see, who can compete with a can of beer with curative and preventive powers?

I am already thinking of investing my money buying beer, have the fridge full of them and every day do a little tasting to keep my preventive levels at proper level to be able to face the dangers of winter and its low temperatures.

I imagine that by now there are people toasting with their favorite beer to celebrate this information. Well, get ready because the best comes now: these positive effects are only proven in over ten liters consumption…

Perfect! Let the party begin! Let?s do it for the health! Hurray for the alpha acids! Hurray for the humulone! And long live to hop flowers! For those who want to be fully immunized here are a few suggestions:

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Beck´s Gold Barrel 5L



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Köstritzer Schwarzbier Barrel 5L

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