Cava : the memory keeper

 TAGS:In recent years, multiple studies have shown the benefits of food and wine on the health of people, if consumed with moderation. The presence of certain chemical compounds in the alcohol, associated with a balanced diet (which should be close to the Mediterranean diet) and regular and light exercise, demonstrate, therefore, to be a good way to prevent diseases of all kinds, especially those related to cardiovascular problems, certain cancers, high cholesterol or arthritis.

But what had not been tested so far were the advantages of drinks like cava with the memory. Thus, an investigation of the University of Reading says that drinking three glasses of this sparkling wine can help to fight the effects of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The last one, dementia, although usually manifesting in advanced age, probably finds its roots in middle age, from age 40.

According to this study, the presence of phenolic acid in the grape varieties that cava is made of is directly related to these beneficial effects. To do this, there?s been experiments with laboratory animals, and it was found that after regular consumption of sparkling wine (mixed with food), subjects improved their performance to run a maze, going from 50% success to 70% within a period of only six weeks.

Traditionally, it is always said that the grapes are an infallible remedy for memory loss. But we did not know if this statement had any scientific basis. Now we have a hint of something similar, but the final test still has to be done, with a group of over 60 years, for three years. They will be the subject of a study to definitively prove or disprove the preliminary findings of the study, led by biochemistry professor Jeremy Spencer.

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