Christmas dinner: Wine

 TAGS:cena de navidadNow is the time, we have the the great dinner, the guests, the champagne to toast and glasses after, but what wine should we serve? What wonderful Bacchus liquor for pairing such a varied dinner as the Christmas one?

There are many tips to pair such complex menus, but the most important of all is: There is not just one formula to cope up with a dinner pairing. Once we recognize this, what we can do is provide you with a number of useful tips for you to choose the wines you want to serve at your Christmas dinner. Shall we know them?

  • You should always have in mind that this is usually a dinner party. So try to keep in mind not only your tastes, but especially, the ones of your closest family.
  • If wine is not in the preferences of your guests, do not try to convince them with bold pairings that awaken their senses. The priority is to have fun, so take the wine they bring to you, if they do, and spend your money on Christmas gifts.
  • The most consistent on pairing wines, ranges from dry and smooth to the most powerful wines and sweet wines too. But, considering the tastes of everybody, the best option is to suggest a pairing type, and at the same time put at their disposal of all your guests the choose  wines, so that each one chooses the one they like, whenever they feel like. Someone may prefer a single wine though all meal, or others may prefer to take different ones from the very beginning, it is their choice.
  • The holidays are the best times to begin with a white wine area, because many of the white wines of the vintage 2011 are just here and will be fresh and full of flavors. One of the first out was Gessamí 2011, the great white from Gramona.
  • As the dishes appear we should arise the power of wine, among other things because the nose and palate are saturated and do not appreciate the aromas so easily. It’s time for rather thick red grapes and wines of long aging, such as Viña Ardanza Reserva Especial 2001, a Rioja wine that is among the favorites of the Uviners.
  • Sweet wine is the favorite to finish the meal. In Spain we have a sweet tooth by nature, Christmas candy assortment is vast and abundant after dinner, so a glass of Enrique Mendoza Moscatel de la Marina 2010, for example, help us finish a more than pleasant dinner.

And above all, enjoy the moment. Think that it might have been a tough year, but there is a better one on the way. Enjoy!

If you want a couple of wines that everyone can enjoy, here are our two successful proposals:

 TAGS:Rúa Blanco 2010Rúa Blanco 2010

One of the wines about which there’s been a lot of talking this year. Young, fat and easy to drink, a wine with a very good price to accompany the entrees.

 TAGS:Buy Rúa Blanco 2010 4,25?

 TAGS:Pago de los Capellanes Crianza 2008Pago de los Capellanes Crianza 2008

One of the best Ribera del Duero, powerful flavor but with fine tannins and perfectly ensambled. Wonderful.

Buy Pago de los Capellanes Crianza 2008 16,80?

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