Cosmetics and Wine

Cosmetics and wine

To make a good wine is complicated, even for the most expert winery. It implies to take good care of the vineyard, the grape and the production, and to be lucky with the annual meteorology.

We could say the same, now, about cosmetics, because the wineries are aiming to investigation, attracted by the benefits of resveratrol. But this is only one of the many components of wine, so there are still a lot of benefits to discover. And these benefits can mean, to many wineries, the best way out of the crisis.

How were the benefits of wine known?

One of the first wineries that started the study of the cosmetic properties of wine was Château Smith Haut Lafitte, in Burgundy, they began to study the properties of one of the components of the seed, the famous polifenols, they act as skin protectors against the free radicals, responsibles of aging.

These studies took them to commercialize the brand “Caudalie”, it includes lotions that use polifenols and resveratrol (as anti-aging agents) and viniferine (to reduce skin marks). They own the patents in every ambit and their brand is one of the most successful in France, starting from the same vineyard where they still produce wine.

“About 200 years ago, women resorted to the vineyard to remove skin blemishes. Specifically, they used the sap of the weeping vine, says María Martín Benito, responsible of the cosmetics elaborated by Finca Torremilanos. They are all products that help to improve the skin, to tone up and to take care of it, because for the moment we are not investigating on makeup: “”We discard decorative cosmetics because we work from a very natural product and we want to continue doing so. With decorative cosmetics is very difficult to maintain this natural line. “

In addition, these products generally have the green seal, because only natural products are used in its elaboration.

In some vineries, like Freixenet, they state that there´s people who go to the vineyard just to buy their cosmetics, and not cava, because they can´t find them in their home town.

What about white wine? Is it so beneficial?

Actually, most of the wine properties are still unknown, neither for red nor for white wine. The truth is that the first components to be proved beneficial were polifenols, which just as resveratrol are principally found in red wine, but that doesn’t mean anything, since the first studies were based on the analysis of red wines.

That´s why the characteristics of red wines are the first ones we know about. But it´s not ruled out that white wine have its own advantages, and that soon, there might be cosmetics based on them, like the ones based on red wines.

In case you want to taste a wine while you try their lotions, here we recommend you some of the wineries who produces cosmetics:

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Château Smith Haut Lafitte is one of the best wine cellars in Burgundy, almost as exclusive as their lotions. They produce great wines that satisfy the taste of the most demanding customers.

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 TAGS:Freixenet Elyssia RosadoFreixenet Elyssia Rosado

Freixenet, known for their big circulation cavas like “Carta Dorada”, they also make limited edition cavas with an exceptional quality, like Elyssia Rosado.

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