DO Bierzo, León wines

 TAGS:The richness of the cuisine and wines from Castilla y León are exceptional. Specifically, Bierzo wine, in the province of León, is one of the fastest growing areas, pushed by several cellars that encourage the consumption of this type of wine.

Its climate is variable, and it enjoys extreme temperatures, very cold in winter and very hot during the short summer. The most characteristic grape varieties are, among the reds, mencia, the most abundant, offering red and rosé wines of great power and body. Among whites, doña blanca and godello.

Tasty and unique wines

This results in wines of various types, aroma and color. Whites tend to give us yellow shades and ripe fruit aromas. In palate they are sweet and show, in addition to the fruit, a very unique touch of herbs.

The rosés have strawberry aromas and nice, fruity taste. The advantage is that they can be paired with both first and second courses. The reds taste like berries, with the particular notes that leaves the mencia grape variety.

When we talk about aged or reserve wines, they are much more powerful, with flavors of ripe fruit, such as prunes or raisins. The notes of licorice, vanilla and wood are remarkable. Such wines are often chosen for those special dinners and we can combine them with the best meats, such as lamb.

Gradually, the marketing of the DO Bierzo is expanding, and since it went to sale, the number of cellars has increased along with bottling, reaching in 2009 the total number of 7,144,614 bottles, as provided by its regulatory board.

Bierzo wines are, as mentioned, superb with food, so if you are someone who likes a glass of wine to accompany a lunch or dinner, here are two wonderful recommendations:

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