D.O. Costers del Segre, Catalan tradition

 TAGS:The good Spanish wines show themselves. Catalonia has several D.O., with a long tradition and wineries which are renewed and reinvented to offer the best to the wine world and his followers… That are many!

Among these, the D.O. Costers del Segre is a great representation of what is work and effort, with very good results and unique vintages in addition to the most established wines of this region. With a long history, created in 1988, it covers lands in the regions of Pallars Jussà, Segrià, Urgell, Garrigues, Noguera and Segarra.

And the wines?

The wines qualified under this denomination may be used as a basis for developing quality sparkling wines. They are elaborated by the traditional method, with a second fermentation in bottle for a period of 9 months of aging, as of the date of tirage to disgorgement. Red, white and rosé… there is something for all tastes, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva.

Raimat, one of its most popular wineries

In this D.O. there are some nationally and internationally prestigious wineries, such as Raimat, a reference name present at the most demanding tables. Historically, it has fostered sustainable agriculture in order to keep going, and it does very successfully.

They have a new winemaking team, led by Mark Nairn. The experience gained over the year along with the winemaking team has allowed a classification of grapes according to each style of wine made at the winery. Among its innovations, the wineries still hold an interesting project aimed at developing small batches of premium wines in limited editions.

Distinguished wines

Transparent white

  • Ekam 2008. Fine, elaborated, elegant, fluent… This bright white gives us new flavors on the palate, thanks to the Albariño and Riesling grape varieties. With seafood, appetizers and with the best fish, it’s a temptation to give or share.
  • Viña 27 Chardonnay 2009. It’s always a good choice and preferred by users when choosing it for lunch or dinner. We recommend it for its good value, the guarantee of success that is always a Raimat, and because it fits perfectly with all kinds of dishes.

Red Rebel

  • Del Iris Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. Celler del Montsec elaborates this delicacy that is gaining ground. The ripe fruit flavors leave us a good taste in mouth. The mountains and valleys of Montsec are reflected in this jewel to savor.

 Photo: Costers del Segre

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