DO Navarra, great variety of wines

 TAGS:By long tradition, the Navarra wine is powerful and leaves a strong imprint on the palate. Its wide variety of wines is due to the large extension of its vineyards, with a total of 18,400 ha. This implies elaborations based on different climates, from Atlantic, Mediterranean and even continental.

The production areas of the wines are in five specific areas: Baja Montaña, Valdizarbe, Tierra Estella, Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja. The grape varieties are also very diverse. Among reds, the Cabernet Sauvignon, red Garnacha or Merlot are quite remarkable, occupying 94% of the total wine production. Among whites, we must highlight the chardonnay, white garnacha and malvasía, with 6% of the total.

A wine for every occasion

The DO Navarra gives wines of every kind, always according to the consumer tastes. Although red wines of Navarra are really the majority, the most renowned are the rosé wines of Navarra, but the region also offers white wines and the famous sweet wines of Navarra, with Muscat grapes.

The white wines are fresh and yellow colored, with fruity notes in mouth. They are ideal with fish, appetizers and light entrees like salads or pasta. The reds are characterized by their strong color with berry flavors and vanilla notes, with an excellent quality, very well considered in restaurants around the world. They are recommended with pates, cheeses, meat and poultry dishes.

Meanwhile, the rosés are those with greater leadership, at least in Spain. They are fresh and taste of strawberries, pomegranate… perfect with any type of rice.

The Muscat grape variety is responsible for the sweet wines of this land. They offer an exquisite aroma and are often consumed with cakes, cookies and sweets, and even with goat and blue cheese.

If you want to discover the best of Navarra, we suggest you to start buying wine from the region. We are sure you?ll like our two recommendations:

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