Does ecological wine taste better than the conventional wine?


Organic wines are on an upward trend, both in Spain and in countries like France, where the bio-culture takes time seeping deep among consumers. More than a fashion, it is a trend that, besides adding value to the product, is helping to minimize the environmental impact of the crop at the hands of man.

However, can we say that the bio wine is tastier than conventional wine? While there are no large studies or deep research that are focusing on it, both the United States and France in Spain have carried out two studies where everything seems to indicate that the biological wine, under similar conditions, comes out better than the rest of wines.

Specifically, the US study, led by Kedge Business School and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), also including the French portal indicates that bio-certified Californian wines taste better than the conventional ones. To conduct the study, the leaders took as a starting point more than 74,000 references valued by experts at The Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine Spectator. After making the appropriate weights, the result was that organic wines have an average of 4.1 points more than conventional wines on a scale of 100 points.

While the results are only applicable to wines made in California, a similar study in France presents some preliminary result, still by a lack of conclusive results they are not published. The study is being conducted by the Kedge Business School and, to date, suggests that in France the biological wine tastes better.

As always, since Uvinum always argue that the best wine is the one you personally like to drink and that it also may depend on factors such as the company, the mood and the pairing. However, if something is true, it is that wine making which takes into account the environment and respects and contributes to enriching the environment, land, and biodiversity ,has a huge benefit for all and also for wine.

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Las Hermanas Eco 2014: a red wine based on monastrell of 2014.



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Marques de Caceres Bio Ecologico 2014: a red wine from the region of Rioja with the best tempranillo grapes from the 2014 vintage.



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