Eating through Europe (II)


In the first article on the European gastronomy, we presented the richness of French cuisine or Scandinavian smoked fish. Today, we will discover other countries through their culinary characteristics.

In Belgium, the kitchen has French roots, and some of its most typical dishes are cooked mussels, eat with chips and accompanied by craft beer. Belgium has an important winemaking tradition.

 TAGS:Irish cuisine consists of boiled potatoes. These tubers are the basis for many other dishes like colcannon, made with potatoes, garlic and cabbage. And beef stew is the most famous Irish stew. As for drinks, beer and Irish whiskey, of course. Ireland produces wine, but in small quantities. This is a fairly new trend.

Polish cuisineis clearly influenced by other areas, such as its neighbors, Italy and France. Cheeses and chocolates are very good, and sausage meat, which is prepared in various ways. Some of the most important wine regions are Valais, Vaud and Tessino.

Dutch cheeses such as Gouda and Edam are remarkable, as their potatoes and pea soup. The Netherlands has about 150 vineyards and it produces mainly in Gelderland and Limburg wine. TAGS:

Roast beef or Polish cuisineis quite typical of Turkey. But there are more great dishes as the blue fish or chicken with honey. Turkish wine production is increasing.

The soups are very well known in Romania: tripe soup, soup with meatballs … more stews and sausages. Note that Romania has a long tradition of very popular wines. For example, Cotnari vineyards of northern Moldavia.

 TAGS:Polish cuisine is a blend of different cultures, with outstanding soups and breaded pork chops. Eat goulash in Hungary, many fish in Lithuania, while Latvia and Estonia vegetables and excellent meat can?t be missed.

In the UK, there are tasty dishes as roast beef; and fruit and butter cakes. In UK, little wine is produced, but there are vineyards; 400 wineries that produce about two million bottles per year.


Today, let’s gourmet. We recommend two delicatessens to shine in your meals with friends:

 TAGS:Agustí Torelló Mata Balsamic VinegarAgustí Torelló Mata Balsamic Vinegar

Agustí Torelló Mata Balsamic Vinegar



 TAGS:Deer pate with goose liver with Port 200gDeer pate with goose liver with Port 200g

Deer pate with goose liver with Port 200g

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