Flavoured gins


Gin is a distillation of barley grain, in which juniper berries and botanicals components such as cardamom or Angelica are included to give the characteristic features (freshness, smoothness, softness, … ) of this famous drink.

Until recently the standard was rated according to its purity. The softer gin was a better quality. But the craze for gin and tonics, the emergence of new brands and the need to differentiate between them has led to the emergence of new gins on the market whose principal characteristic are some main ingredient which makes the combination with tonic different, original and inviting.

First came the Gin G’Vine Floraison prepared by distilling wine alcohol instead of grain alcohol, and therefore with different aromas, halfway between gin and other distillates with great tradition in France as the Cognac and Armagnac.

Then the Saffron Gin, a gin flavored with saffron, which stains a characteristic amber color.

Today there are many gins that have their distinctive characteristics, which mean that there are many variants for a tonic as a consumer. How do you like the gin and tonic? What flavors do you prefer? Today we show you five gins to prepare a different gin and tonic:

 TAGS:Gin G'Vine FloraisonGin G’Vine Floraison

Gin G’Vine Floraison



 TAGS:Saffron GinSaffron Gin

Saffron Gin

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