Getting beer with the power of the mind


Interaxon, a Canadian technology company has developed a helmet to serve beer at will without using the arms.

Called ?The Muse?, this new invention consists of a smooth helmet which detect, through brain waves, the emotional state of those who use it.

Once ?The Muse? reads those brain waves it’s able to translate them into computer signals to put into action different gadgets.

One of the most amazing gadgets so far enables those who carry it to pour beer without lifting a finger, like a remote beer tap, just watching a picture of a glass of beer.

Beer consumers have the option, thanks to ?The Muse?, of drinking beer by submitting their desire through their brain waves to the computer so it can interpret them.

?Developed independently in the world, beer is the drink that has been present during the times of the greatest and most influential thinkers known to mankind?, says company information.

?And we like to think that a beer or two had something to do with the innovative concepts and philosophies that have shaped the world?, says.

?And besides, we are Canadians. Our society owes much to beer, so a beer tap controlled by thought is just our small way of giving something back to this drink, which gives reason for our way of life?.

So do not be surprised if in a relatively short time you begin to see around you places to sit and drink beer without lifting a finger, where your wish is your command, literally. Will it work only with Canadian beer? Should we desire it in English? We will continue investigating, always with a beer close to us… Today we recommend:


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