Gifts for wine lovers


True wine lovers have it easy this holiday season, thanks to the number of wine-related gadgets and objects that can be given. Knowing how to appreciate wine is much more, so if you know someone interested in wine world and gourmet items, we suggest these products.


Wine should be served in a good glass. That is because it is preferable to see its colour and features, being able to notice them through a good quality and transparent glass. In order to make the gift more complete, we advise to give cases where there are several sets of glasses to delight friends and family at a time.

 TAGS:Glass Bubble ReservoirGlass Bubble Reservoir

Glass Bubble Reservoir:  the Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glass is a delight to behold.



Wine cellars

To keep the wine properly, the best thing is to get a good wine cellar. They usually are placed on specialized places, such as wineries and restaurants, but it is perfectly possible to have one at home. It is the best way to keep each wine at its highest level, and offers the latest technology for a better use and enjoyment of wine. Depending on the capacity, they can accommodate 15, 28 or even more bottles. A true wine cellar at home!

 TAGS:Wine Cabinet 100 Bottles Cv-100 Cave VinumWine Cabinet 100 Bottles Cv-100 Cave Vinum

Wine Cabinet 100 Bottles Cv-100 Cave Vinum: specially designed for optimal preservation of wine. 



Wine coolers and other accessories

The temperature of wine is a key element to drink it properly. To always keep it in the state it deserves before being served, coolers are essential items. There are cooling blankets, buckets, and other accessories to give.

The ritual of serving wine is also a factor to consider. Decanters are ideal to guarantee a proper serving of wine, which make it a great gift for wine professionals or amateurs. These containers are bottle-shaped and you can use them to decant the solid residues of wine, making it to breathe and offering the best flavour and aroma.

 TAGS:Wine and Champagne chiller blanket PulltexWine and Champagne chiller blanket Pulltex

Wine and Champagne chiller blanket Pulltex: It is reversible for use on wine or champagne, is stored in the freezer and when used ensures the cold much longer than ice.



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