Guinness: world leader in beer and advertising


The beer brand Guinness is a reference worldwide. A stout, pure malt beer, head-quartered in Dublin, Ireland, the country par excellence on this kind of beer. Guinness is synonymous with quality and a brand that knows about advertising and graphic design, since the Guinness beer glass inspires campaigns of other products.


Some data explain the importance of its logo, name and references to Dublin, where the harp is one of its leit motifs. For example, its long history is remarkable, since the first data about this beer date back to 1759, when Arthur Guinness bought a disused brewery in Dublin to restore it. He didn’t predicted that it would become so successful.


The quality of the beer is self explanatory, by its distinctive flavour, which is the best possible advertising. A toasted, creamy, full-bodied flavour which offers notes of coffee and licorice. A prominent fact in the Guinness logo design is the symbol of the harp, from an Irish heraldic symbol, which identifies Irish beer since 1862.

Since then, its symbolism and design have not changed much, and they are a truly success. Guinness has made satisfaction surveys with its customers and has incorporated their words to several logos and slogans, causing a good effect among consumers of this beer.


Although over the years the design of its campaigns has been modified, there is something that lasts from the beginning: the logo and the shape of Guinness glass, always dark brown in a transparent glass, which corresponds to an English pint. It is noteworthy that in its advertising campaigns Guinness incorporated different animals carrying a pint of Guinness or slogans such as “My goodness, my Guinness”.

 TAGS:Guinness DraughtGuinness Draught

Guinness Draught: a black beer beer native of Ireland produced thanks to warm fermenting with 4.1º of alcohol proof. 



 TAGS:Guinness Special Export StoutGuinness Special Export Stout

Guinness Special Export Stout: a stout beer produced in Ireland produced thanks to cool fermenting with an alcohol content of 8º. 


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