High altitude wines: the mountain character

 TAGS:Absum, Enate and Ines de Monclús. My favorite wines from Somontano. These wines are something special and, although they are quite different from each other are united by a common characteristic: their high altitude wines status.

Barbastro and its surroundings, in the province of Huesca, is the epicenter of the cultivation of these vines which name this designation of origin ?Somontano? that to my liking is one of the best in Spain. Even though they are so good, these wines are hard to find out of Spain (something should be done about it because these wines deserve to be known around the world).

Besides being a region of spectacular landscapes, perfect for rural tourism and wine tourism (I give you ideas now that it is time to make plans regarding that matter), it has some extraordinary wines coming from wineries with long experience.

Although the latest wineries, the newest ones, have nothing to envy to them and the prove is the funny names that sometimes they use (even though they are quite serious and their wines are nothing to joke about), as Cojón de gato (cat testicle literally), wine which combines the same grape that it shares its name with and two others: Merlot and Syrah, a very different wine.

In this same winery, Bodegas Lamarca, we also have good white wines made from Gewürztraminer grape, a very popular grape in the area that has got many successes to different wines.

Not far from Somontano we can find another high altitude region: the Priorat. This area of volcanic origin is easy to recognize by its black and red slate floors and it is noted for its red wines that are intense, fleshy and generally quite high in alcohol content. For my taste they are absolutely the best of all Catalan wines.

There are also very good white wines of Priorat in which, rather than the mountain character, weighs the Mediterranean side, which is dispersed in the notes that can be found in the mouth and the flavors we perceive while tasting these wines made from Macabeo or White Grenache, most common white wine grapes in the area.

I do not want to end this post without mentioning the low mountain wines of Navarra region. Since the carbonic maceration wines to those made according to a more traditional way, Navarra is becoming known in Europe quite fast thanks to its red wine proposals, although I also really like its rosé wines which I recommend.

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