How and what to drink with a vodka


Vodka is one of the spirits of Russian origin (its name literally means ?little water “), similar in its production to other high strength spirit. But it is unique in two things: in its most classic versions, it has absolutely no flavor nor odor.

This feature makes it an excellent raw material for the preparation of drinks and cocktails of all kinds. It is ideal for an alcoholic fruit juices, carbonated drinks, tonic water, etc. It is as well a fundamental ingredient in cocktails as well known as the Bloody Mary, Caipiroska, Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver, Gimlet, White Russian or Vodka Martini, among many others.

Actually, in countries where its production has more history, i.e., Russia, Poland and Baltic countries, the vodka is traditionally consumed only in small chilled glasses, and as an accompaniment to meals, probably because of its large ability to fight the cold winters of these geographic areas where the most classic and typical drink to accompany food are spirits and tea, not like in the rest of Central and south Europe where we drink beer and wine.

Besides “white” classic vodka, we must also emphasize the dissemination in recent times in the world, but for quite some time and the Slavic countries, of flavored vodkas, especially with lemon, berries, spices and other ingredients which give this distillate, the most consumed globally, a new air and sometimes even “chic ” touché in a market, with high alcohol graduation, highly competitive and where each day brings more news varieties.

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