How to get foam in your beer


We all assume that when a beer is served, whether bottled or on tap, one of the most important factors to keep in mind to enjoy it 100% is if it has a good amount of foam, not too high or low. Foam is the cover letter of beer for our taste and sense of smell, and as such, it condenses in the first sips much of the aromas and flavors of each variety of beer.

We also know that, once served, in all beers the foam will vanish in varying degrees until completely disappear, losing some of its visual and sensory appeal in an inevitable, until now. Knowing this, a specialized gadget design company developed some years ago in Japan a curious device, that comes now to the West, to avoid precisely that we run out of foam.

Moreover, this device, in the manner of a magical coaster, generates ultrasonic waves that allow us to generate new foam with only the push of a button, so that every time we bring us the glass to our lips, we can enjoy a homogeneous layer of bubbles, like the beer were just served.

The Sonic Foamer works with six small AA batteries, ensuring a life of 3000 cycles, and we can take it with us anywhere, given its small size. Its manufacturers claim that vibrations that generate the foam also favor the release of the taste of the beer, the same way it does to decant a wine before after opening the bottle.

Do not be surprised if we soon find one of these devices in our favorite beer bar, as it seems an ideal gift for beer lovers, which are becoming so popular in recent years.

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