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On December 1st is celebrated once again, World AIDS Day, an initiative to educate people about the importance of this disease, its consequences and how to avoid it. Therefore, during these weeks, there are many initiatives that you have at your disposal to fight against AIDS. One is Red.org, which counts with sponsors such as Apple and Belvedere vodka brand.

Red.org born in 2006 to raise funds against this disease through the sale of products from flagship companies. In addition, you can download game apps, which these days will ?wear? icons in red in favor of this cause. All we can end this disease, starting with ourselves and ending with it in very poor countries.


Other solidarity initiatives where wines and spirits are involved

Other solidarity initiatives where wines and spirits are involved are Grape Foundation, an association that helps protecting children in need, which is supported by wine cellars who donate their wines to raise money for children.

And more cases: Bodegas Murviedro has the wine ?Expresión Solidarity Cuvée?, which corresponds to the DO Valencia, offered for sale to donate one euro for each bottle sold to the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER).

Like every year, Fundación Crecer and Radio Nacional de España launched the campaign ?Un juguete, una ilusión? (One toy, one dream), to raise funds for disadvantaged children. And ?Campos Góticos?, a wine cellar from Ribera del Duero DO, also sums up with this initiative with the development of high quality wines.

And much more, since some of the wines from Bodega Vicente Gandía (Valencia) are Solidarity Wines, and so contribute with the donation of 1 euro per bottle to ?Whatever It Takes? foundation. This foundation fights against malnutrition and child poverty.

Now, you can take action and help people in need by buying solidarian wines or spirits. It’s as easy as clicking on one of the suggested products below!


 TAGS:Murviedro Expresión Solidarity Cuvee 2009Murviedro Expresión Solidarity Cuvee 2009

Murviedro Expresión Solidarity Cuvee 2009 is a red wine from the Valencia DO based on 2009 grapes.


 TAGS:Belvedere Red Vodka 1.75LBelvedere Red Vodka 1.75L

Belvedere Red Vodka 1.75L RED edition contains the same Belvedere Vodka enthusiasts have always enjoyed, unadulterated and naturally smooth.

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