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 TAGS:The history of Mexican beer, created before the arrival of European conquerors to Aztec lands, is very interesting. 20 years after the fall of Tenochtitlan, in the Viceroyalty of New Spain was founded the first brewery of the Americas.

In pre-Columbian Mexico there was a variety of corn beer called tesguino, a drink used to communicate with the gods.

Mexican beers are distinguished internationally for its flavor and are produced by two giants of beer: Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma and Cerveceria Modelo. These brewer groups are part of the Dutch company Heineken and the Belgian InBev.

Mexico plays an important role in brewing, which can be divided into 6 types based on its variety, mixture of malts and method of manufacture:

  • Ale: beer brewed with not roasted malt 
  • Dark beer: made to a higher temperature than ale with malt and roasted barley. 
  • Campechana beer: The beer resulting from the mixture of differently toasted barleys, with an intermediate color between the light and the dark beer. 
  • Lager beer: aged with hop and cold drawn. 
  • Cuvées: made in certain seasons of the year such as Christmas. 
  • Non-alcoholic beer.

Mexican consumption habits include salt and lemon to accompany a good beer, and drink it as Michelada. This a mixture of beer, lemon juice, salt and a mixture of sauces; a drink for hot days and excellent remedy for hangovers.

There are some variants of the Michelada:

  • Cuban: includes Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and the glass is frosted with salt and Piquin pepper powder. 
  • Another version is made with tropical fruits such as tamarind and mango. 
  • Chelada: A mixture of beer (ale or lager), lemon juice and salt. 
  • Russian: Prepared with orange soda, lemon and salt. 

So ¡ándele! Let’s try the Mexican beers:


Also called ?Rubia Corona? or “Corona? is the most universal Mexican beer.

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 TAGS:Cerveza SolCerveza Sol

The preferred blonde to prepare a good Michelada.

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