New studies indicate that the Mediterranean diet improves your memory


It is well known that the Mediterranean diet has many benefits. In addition to fruit, you eat olive oil, fish and some meat, this diet also recommended one glass of wine to be consumed daily.

Now new benefits appear as a result of this diet According to a study by the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne in Australia, it shows that the Mediterranean diet improves memory. It was shown that it affects the cognitive processes of all kinds of people from all countries, not only in the Mediterranean region.

Other conclusions of the study are that the benefits in this area of ??the Mediterranean diet not only is beneficial to the elderly but in all population groups. So the diet is good for children and adults.

The researchers believe that enhancing this diet is a success, and one of the measures to solve the problems of dementia. Something very important given the progressive aging of the population.

According to the Mediterranean Diet Foundation, this diet – is a valuable cultural heritage that is much more than a simple nutritional, rich and healthy pattern. Hence it’s a lifestyle that is based on the balance of food and recipes, forms of cooking, celebrations, customs, the typical products and various activities.

The Mediterranean diet is based on the moderate intake of several key foods such as fruit, cereals, vegetables, water, eggs, fish, nuts … always with seasonal foods, natural spices, and natural herbs.

In addition to this discovery linked to memory, the Mediterranean diet prevents the onset of cardiovascular disease, lowering bad cholesterol, as well as reduce the risk for diabetes, etc.

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