Opening of the first dedicated cava bar in London

 - The progressive internationalization of the brand cava is a fact for some years. This sparkling wine is growing in popularity around the world and many global entrepreneurs in the world of hotels and restaurants include it in the wine lists of its restaurants, recommend it in different wine culture broadcasting channels, and even, as in the case of Richard Bigg, owner of Spanish restaurant group Camino, dare to open specialized establishments in the very heart of the British capital.

Indeed, after the opening a while back of a Sherry dedicated bar in King’s Cross, Bigg has decided to install (within the Camino restaurant in St. Paul’s, London) what he defined as ?the first authentic dedicated cava bar?. To this establishment, which will open next May, will follow the opening of another bar, under the brand of Aqua Nueva Spanish restaurant, which plans to create the London?s largest cava bar at Oxford Circus, also next date.

The British businessman, who for his Sherry specialized establishment joined exclusively the producer Gonzalez Byass, decided instead, in the case of cava, counting on different elaborators to achieve an approach that puts quality above all.

According to Bigg, ?We speak with different brands, but in the end decided hooking to a single cava producer wasn?t the right path. Unlike the case of Sherry, the world of cava offers more heterogeneous qualities. There are cheap and nasty cavas that discredit the product, so what we want is to pick selections of every price category in order to change the consumer perception.?

The complexity of the product, which can play with different grape varieties and offers greater richness than products like Prosecco (An Italian sparkling with great success in the UK), can do the consumers, whatever their preference, come to appreciate in perspective the value of cava and that may contribute to its ultimate international expansion, not as low cost sparkling wine, but as a quality product in its own right.

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