White Wines from La Rioja, are they any good?


To speak of a Rioja wine is to make it with distinction since it’s a DO that it’s famous all around the world and which groups more and more regions throughout Spain as time goes by. Traditionally, the wines of Rioja have been red, with different nuances, special flavors and potent blends on the palate. They are perfect mostly for meats and other foods related to hunting.

But for some years, the regulating council of La Rioja itself recognizes that things are changing because the white wines of Rioja are striking with fiercely, more than ever, bringing freshness and high-quality standards.

Although it may be seen as a novelty, it’s not, because white wines in this area have been proven and, in fact, they were the best and more abundant than reds back in the 17th century.

La Rioja is boosting these wines because beyond the consolidated reds, there is a world of white to discover. They are characterized by their complexity and variety, perfect to pair with many foods, both in summer and winter, or just any other time in the year. For example, young fresh and fruity white wines can be paired with seafood, pasta and rice, among others, while those white wines that are fermented in barrels go well with cured cheeses and blue fish. Long-aged whites are consumed with poultry, meat and stews.

For all this, the whites of La Rioja are reborn to bring more flavors to this DO. Would you like a glass of white wine?

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Viña Tondonia Blanco Reserva 2002



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Capellanía 2010

Elite athletics and champagne go hand in hand thanks to Usain Bolt and Mumm


Once again, a major Champagne producer as Mumm, has created an alliance with a public figure to be the face and CEO of the brand. This time, it is nothing more and nothing less than The world’s fastest man of Jamaican origin, Usain Bolt.

The company announced hiring the athlete through a video in which Bolt is appreciated by uncovering an emblematic bottle of champagne from the company with one of his gold medals. With eleven world titles and nine Olympic titles, Usain can afford that sort of thing. 

The campaign aims to innovate Mumm through original and effective ideas that provoke potential users with an irresistible desire to consume their champagne. He will also be, by his great fame, the spokesman and the image of the brand in the advertising campaigns that will be carried out in the near future.

In the words of the athlete himself, he said: “My main mission is to improve the image of Maison Mumm as a brand to celebrate our victories, and I want to invite all my followers around the world to raise their cup with me.” He added that he is honored to hold the reins as Executive Director of the company and said he intends to teach the whole world the meaning of celebrating and entertaining in a daring way.

Mumm has been recognized for being very involved in the sports world since they previously included well-known personalities of the industry among its main executives. In fact, the historic sponsorship of Formula 1 was declined this year as “insufficient” – only € 5 million – and the contract ended, which may be a reason why they are looking for new horizons and re-inventing themselves.

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Mumm Cordon Rouge



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Mumm Brut Rosé

The scarcity of blue agave is having consequences in the production of tequila


About 15 years ago, the production of tequila entered a crisis due to the worldwide exploitation of this drink, and the little supply of blue agave that existed in Mexico to provide the whole globe with agave.This was causing the price of the plant to rise to stratospheric prices. Today, it seems that history repeats itself.

Tequila is strictly regulated by the Tequila Regulatory Council which imposes the laws and rules on this beverage and its preparation. These standards stipulate that only the blue agave can be used to create the beverage and nothing else. For its part, agave is a plant that has hundreds of types available but the fact that only blue is allowed to make tequila is a problem that is putting the world market at risk.

And, unlike other fruits or plants that are given annually, a blue agave plant takes approximately 8 to 9 years to grow, mature and be ready to create bottles of tequila. The standard formula for producing 1 litre of tequila used to be 6 kilos of blue agave and today it may take up to 10 to generate the same result.

It is expected that within the next 3 years many brands and small tequila houses will disappear from the shelves of the liquor stores because of this problem. And the largest companies in the industry will pay what they have to pay to keep their famous brands available to all. Farmers are selling everything and as soon as their inventories reach zero, it’s over … not many will want to re-plant and wait 8 years for the next crop and sell it with the uncertain price.

According to The Drinks Business, the tequila crisis is real and there can be a shortage of this precious liquor.

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Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado



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Tequila Patrón Silver

Why does the wine taste better with cheese?


For a long time we have known that cheese and wine are an inseparable pair. Experts in the gastronomic sector often make recommendations of certain combinations that bring a new dimension to our gastronomic experience. In fact, there is an extensive literature in which you can learn about pairings between each type of cheese and wine.

But why does wine with cheese taste better? That has been asked the Center for Taste and Eating Habits of France, they have conducted a study in order to respond to how the perception and taste of wine change after eating some cheese. The result was recently published in the Journal of Food Science.

Mara V. Galmarini, the lead author of the study in question, revealed that “thanks to our research we have learned that the duration of the perception of the astringency of a particular wine could be reduced after cheese consumption and that the four kinds of cheese evaluated had the same result. In short, having a varied cheese platter, the wine probably tastes better, no matter which one is chosen.

Participants in this study – a total of 31 volunteers – underwent two tests. First, they tasted four wines (Pacherenc, Sancerre, Bourgogne and Madiran), of which they had to indicate the dominant sensation perceived in each of them, according to a list that was provided to them. Then the tasting was repeated with a slight modification: now they had to eat a piece of cheese between each sip of wine. For this second test, samples of the Epoisses, Condado, Roquefort and Crottin de Chavignol cheeses were made available to the volunteers.

Throughout the tasting, it was demonstrated the positive impact of cheeses on the perception of wines. This effect was especially noticeable in the red wines included in the sample (Bourgogne and Madiran), to which the four kinds of cheese present enhanced their fruity aroma while reducing their astringency. The same positive impact on the perception of wines occurred with their white peers, both in the sweet and dry samples; Although to a lesser extent.

So you know: science has already proven that the best companion for a good wine is a delicious platter of cheese.

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E. Guigal Côtes du Rhône 2012



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Baron Nathaniel 2012

How are Spanish people doing in the kitchen?


The Spanish gastronomy has a great international reputation. The creativity and top-quality ingredients give a wide variety of dishes to suit all tastes: from traditional stews to the most innovative Michelin star restaurants. TV programs and gastronomic guides have helped build the international prestige of its restaurants.

But have you ever wondered what Spaniards are like in the kitchen? Crock-Pot, the brand specialising in slow cooking, hired consulting Toluna to answer this question. This is based on the study: The Spaniards in the kitchen: tastes and customs.

The study was based on surveys of 1,000 Spaniards through an online platform. The sample in question included men (50.7%) and women (40.3%) of the following age ranges: 25-39 41.4%), 40-54 (44.8%) and 55-60 (13.8%).

Among the results, the predilection for the traditional cuisine (76.9%) stands out against the new creative cuisine (23.1%). With such an overwhelming figure, there is no doubt that in Spain they prefer the taste, aroma and texture of the classic stews. In fact, 98% of respondents would like to recover the essence and taste of the dishes of yesterday.

However, as far as the source of inspiration is concerned, the new technologies take the lead: 40% of respondents admit to getting the recipes they cook through the internet, while 38.4% use the grandmother’s recipe.  A very tight difference that reveals how the multiple food blogs that exist in the web environment have taken the lead against oral transmission between generations.

On the other hand, it highlights the evolution in the distribution of roles in the kitchen, As the presence of men within them has increased significantly. While the most famous chefs in Spain are male figures, the daily menu of homes used to be established by women so far. Although not yet achieved equity, the data show that 43% of the households surveyed men are in charge of the cooking on a daily basis.

And if there was any doubt as to why Spanish cuisine succeeds, this study confirms that good eating is a true pleasure. That’s why 62% of the country cooks for pleasure, to enjoy a delicious dinner in good company. And if it is accompanied by a Spanish wine, better yet.

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Botani 2015



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Beronia Reserva 2011

One beer a day may help reduce the risk of heart attack


The title says it all: one beer a day can help reduce your risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. That is the conclusion of the study presented by the Pennsylvania State University at the last meeting of the American Heart Association, the world’s largest cardiology referent.

The study in question was based on the analysis of blood samples of 80 thousand adults contrasted with their habits of consumption of alcoholic beverages during each quarter of the last 6 years. These blood samples allowed researchers to measure, among other factors, high-density lipoprotein levels. Indeed, maintaining healthy levels of this lipoprotein (better known as “good cholesterol”) helps prevent clogged arteries, a major cause of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

The results show that people with moderate alcohol consumption, equal to one or two pints per day, maintain a healthy level of “good” cholesterol. This positive effect was more noticeable in the blood samples of regular beer drinkers than in those with a predilection for other alcoholic beverages.

In contrast, no similar effect was observed in abstainers or those who drank a higher dose of alcohol. It is, without a doubt, an argument that supports the conclusion of the benefits of consuming a daily beer. “A reason to raise our arm and toast, although it is probably best to do it only once,” said Shue Huang, lead author of the study.

While this is one of the largest studies in this area, it is not the only one. In fact, in Uvinum we had already talked about the positive effects of moderate consumption of beer on other items: from its stimulating qualities to brain activity and memory, to reducing health problems such as cardiovascular disease, arthritis or ageing the skin.

There is no doubt that this good news will delight all those people who enjoy drinking a cold beer with their friends when leaving work. Here is to them all: Cheers!

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Westmalle Tripel  is made by Brasserie Des Trappistes Van Westmalle with its origins in Belgium with warm fermenting and presents an alcohol content of 9.5%.



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Rochefort 10 is produced by L’Abbaye de Rochefort native of Belgium with warm fermenting and has an alcoholic content of 11%. 

6 Vodka benefits you probably didn’t know


This delicious drink, famous for its strong flavor and popularity when preparing cocktails, is also the solution to many problems that you may not know but it won’t hurt to know them.

1. Get rid of dandruff and scalp problems: if you have problems in your hair and you have nothing at hand, you’d better make a water solution with vodka and apply it. Due to its high acidity, vodka is able to kill the bacteria that causes dandruff. You’ll have to consider the next time if you pass it down your throat or your scalp.

2. Bad breath: though this is not a beauty tip in its fullest sense, like the previous point, a little water with vodka sprinkled on your tongue can help kill the bacteria that causes bad odour.

3. Chapped feet: this problem, besides to be a more cosmetic problem, it is not, because it can cause health problems. However, vodka seeks for the sake of your back or rather feet. Immerse your feet in warm water with soap and a tablespoon of vodka and the problem will be behind in the blink of an eye.

4. Fair skin: this drink is great to clean the pores of the skin. But beware: do not go to grab the full bottle and pour it into your face. Take a little and tone it down with some water and spray it on your skin.

5. Wrinkles: as mentioned in the previous point, vodka is very good for the skin. If you massage your wrinkles with a water solution you can make your skin to stretch again. However, if you have very sensitive skin this might not be the best option.

6. Shiny hair: as simple as adding a few drops of vodka to your shampoo for amazing results. Since vodka has very low pH levels, it helps the pH of your hair to be more manageable. Furthermore, its acidity already mentioned, will help with frizz. Just remember: a few drops are enough and no more.

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Cîroc Vodka 1L

Rarest and most bizarre prohibitions against alcohol around the world


American movie industry has been usually inspired by the well-known US Prohibition of the early 20th century. The black market controlled by mobsters like Al Capone has been referred as the starting point of many Hollywood movies. Stories of organised crime, smuggling and underground businesses have generated ideas about this time in history and some of the negative consequences of this prohibition.

Although it’s been almost 100 years since this law was repealed, there are still multiple alcohol-related bans around the world. That is why the web The Drinks Business has prepared the list of the seven most bizarre and rare laws in the world against alcohol.

1. Riding after drinking (Colorado, USA):

In the state of Colorado, horses are considered as a means of transport. That is why those who are riding under the influence of alcohol are fined in the same manner as if it was driving a vehicle.

2. Do not sell cold beer (Oklahoma, USA):

The state of Oklahoma it’s prohibited from selling beer with more than 4% ABV cold. So if you’re planning a party, you’d better have them in your refrigerator a few days in advance.

3. Prohibition of human figures on the labels of alcoholic beverages (Alabama, USA):

If you are a graphic designer in Alabama and work with a distillery, you must remember that labels showing “people posing sensual or immoral way” are not allowed. It is a ban imposed by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

4. Shots and cocktails prohibited after midnight (Australia):

If you go out to party in Australia, you’d better ask the cocktails and shots before midnight, because in the land of the “Aussies” is forbidden to sell alcohol after the clock hits 12 midnight.

5. Death penalty for drunk driving (El Salvador):

This Central American country is very severe with those who get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol: the death penalty applies to those who violate this law.

6. Supermarkets cannot sell alcoholic beverages after 7 pm (Sweden):

In this Scandinavian country, supermarkets are prohibited from selling alcoholic beverages after 7 pm. So if you want to drink something at home after work, you’d better go to buy early.

7. Drunk driving convictions are to be served family (Malaysia):

Should a whole family be convicted for some relative felony? It is very likely for this to happen in Malaysia when one member of the family is incarcerated for driving after consuming alcohol.

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Healthy restaurants in Spain that will dazzle you


There is no doubt that the concern for maintaining a healthy lifestyle grows daily in our society. Thus awareness have emerged on the need to reduce the bad habits of our routine, and to replace them with healthier options; among which are included from the typical weekly visits to the gym, to a healthy and balanced diet. That is why in Uvinum we present a selection of healthy restaurants that will dazzle you, so you can maintain a healthy life style eating out. Flirtatious spaces with delicious dishes:

Olivia te cuida – C / Santa Teresa, 8. Madrid:

This cozy restaurant is known for its homemade food made with great care and quality products. Ideal for breakfast and lunch, with a varied menu of salads that we recommend.

Il Tavolo Verde – C / Villalar, 6 Madrid:

Have you ever thought what it would have a coffee in an antique shop? Leo og Martina created this wonderful space in which the two great vocations of this couple interact: the organic food and antique furniture. More than a space, an experience.

Mama Campo – Calle de Trafalgar, 22. Madrid:

If you are looking for traditional flavors, Mama Campo is your place. A cozy place where you feel right at home with their homemade dishes of a lifetime, made from 100% organic products.

Flax & Kale – C / Tallers, Barcelona 74B:

This is the latest project of the cook Teresa Carles and her husband Ramon Barri, who opened the first vegetarian restaurant in 1979. Here is a commitment to flexiteriana cuisine, with a menu made up 80% of vegetarian dishes and 20% in which fish is included.

The Juice House – C / Parlament, 12. Barcelona:

Nothing more and nothing less than the first Cold Pressed Juice Bar in Barcelona. After Light and Dani, two artists from the stove caraqueñas settled down in Barcelona. We highly recommend their menu, which varies every week. clean and delicious food at a fair price.

RawCoco Green Bar – C / San Bernardo, 36. Gijón

The letter of this cosmopolitan Asturian restaurant is based on the benefits of fruits and vegetables and detoxifying elements. A philosophy that can be summed up in the famous phrase from Hippocrates: “Let your medicine be your food, and food your medicine.”

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Las Hermanas Eco 2014



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Pedra Cancela Eco Friendly 2011

Excess of alcohol could cause infertility; moderate consumption, not


Infertility is one of the problems that can tear couples apart, especially when the data tell us that this disorder affects almost 25% of people who want to have children in the Western world.

A study by the University Hospital of Aarhus (Denmark), which was echoed by the Spanish the newspaper ABC, has now revealed that one of the factors that could be the main responsible for the inability to conceive is the excessive consumption of alcohol. According to investigators, a weekly intake of 14 or more units of alcohol reduces fertility in women.

It is known that alcohol consumption during pregnancy can be very harmful to the developing fetus, but the data provided in the recent study support the argument that alcohol should be avoided also during the preconception of a baby.

However, and although it may seem surprising, the study also shows that moderate consumption, less than 8 units of alcohol weekly, has no effect on the ability to procreate, although it is true that it would be advisable to avoid alcohol during conception because at some point we may be already consuming in gestation, which, as we know, is dangerous.

The study was conducted for a year and was attended by more than 6,000 Danish women aged 21 to 45, who monitored their alcohol use, menstrual cycles, frequency of sexual relations with their partners and consumption of tobacco. They formed five study groups depending on the units of alcohol consumed by its members.

The findings indicate that the group consuming 14 or more units of alcohol per week reached only 12% of pregnancy rate, while groups who consumed less achieved 17%.


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