5 Tips to lose weight eating well


Holiday season has come to end and perhaps we still have tiny reminiscences of the great feasts we had. And let’s not lie to ourselves: it is completely normal that during Christmas we probably ate a little too much or more than the usual, but it’s fine and understandable; we don’t have a fixed schedule and have many events and commitments. But now, if you want, you can return to your normal life –and weight– without making too much diet. The thing is to have good health!

1. Five meals a day

Does it seem excessive? No, it is recommended by doctors and nutritionists to lead a healthy life and stay in great shape. It simply is eating first thing in the morning, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Obviously, the trick is just eat in small portions to avoid hungry and starvation.

2. The Mediterranean diet

To lose weight and eat healthy for life, the Mediterranean diet is one of the best recommended by specialists worldwide. It is a diet rich in fruits, seasonal produce, fish, salads, cereals and occasionally wine.

3. Weekly exercise plan

These diets should alternate and be supplemented with exercise. If you can do it daily it’d be better, but if it’s not possible, try at least twice a week. It’s about doing aerobic and abdominal exercises. New disciplines like Zumba or AeroStyle are very good since they make you move the whole body continuously and strengthen muscles to reduce fat. Exercise should be continuous, it is useless to go to the gym only one or two days a month.

4. Increase intake of fruit

Fruit is an antioxidant and it helps significantly to reduce fat. We can replace bread and sugary desserts and eat instead 3 pieces of fruit each day

5. Fish, fish, fish

In the same way, we must put aside fats, processed food and certain meats and increase consumption of fish, especially the blue one. Doctors recommend eating fish three times or more a week. Beware of sauces and condiments that accompany the fish: it’s much better grilling and serving it with vegetables and soy sauce.


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Mill Cellars Chardonnay 2016



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Boschendal Le Bouquet 2016

Cambados: What to do in the European City of Wine 2017?


On November 4 2016 the Board of the Network of European Wine Cities (Recevin) chose Cambados (Galicia, Spain) as the new ‘European Wine City’. The Pontevedra locality will hold the title throughout the year 2017 thanks to an attractive project that allowed it to step in front of other Spanish cities with a great wine tradition like Aranda de Duero, La Palma del Condado and Vilafranca de Penedès.

This recognition is not surprising to those who have visited this city before, because Cambados has an extensive relationship with wine; It is known worldwide as the Capital of Albariño. This is because the Denomination of Origin Rias Baixas was promoted in this town in order to improve local wine production for export to major international markets; A task that they have accomplished with palpable success for years.

There is no doubt that the Capital of Albariño will be a destination of high tourist interest for lovers of good drinks. A total of 80 enotourism activities make up the program presented by Cambados in his candidacy for the ‘European Wine City’. To this we must add the wide offer of activities related to the wine that usually offers the city among which they stand out:

  • The Albariño festival:

Held on the first Sunday of August, this is one of the oldest wine festivals in Spain. Every year thousands of lovers of gastronomy and good wine come to this celebration that holds the title of ‘National Tourist Interest’ since 1977.

  • Ethnographic and Wine Museum:

This is the first museum in Galicia of its kind. Located in a historical point of Cambados, between the ruins of Santa Mariña Dozo and a temple of the s. XV, in its interior it is proposed a tour of the history, art and popular culture of the Rías Baixas related to the vitivinícolas aspects.

  • Wine Route:

A total of 21 wineries make up the “Ruta do Viño“, a route of 23.5 km in which you can enjoy a walk around the historic set of Cambados, declared a Cultural Interest; At the same time as commented visits and tastings in the wineries whose wines have given international renown to this region.

To make matters even better, this seafaring village is kind to lovers of good food. Scallops, seafood and fresh fish in abundance on the menus of restaurants and seafood restaurants in the city. We are talking about the perfect cuisine to accompany an Albariño in a wonderful setting

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Terras Gauda 2015



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Mar de Frades 2015

Tips on pairing wine and cured meat


They are two of the most exquisite delicacies. The wine, on the one hand, and the cured meats combined correctly they enhance each other and offer very special pairings.

Broadly speaking, cured meats, which are usually fatty, combines well with wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot, intense red wine and also with some sparkling white wines. For a serrano ham, star in Spain, is ideal to combine with red wine, generous, full-bodied, young red light, in addition to dry, and leading grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon. On the other hand, the fine and delicate sherries are very good with all kinds of cured meat, and especially with ham.

Who does not feel like a good bacon with fried eggs? Well it can be a first class plate if mix with a glass of young red wine, or a white wine with a stronger body.

Appreciated in all kitchens, the loin can be eaten in different ways, especially with bread and tomato, or in the form of a sandwich. This meat also benefits from pairing with red wine, especially if it is aged and of merlot grapes or tempranillo. Many DO will do well, but we recommend the Ribera del Duero wines that highlight the flavour loin greatly.

Iberian chorizo is made from pork. It is one of the best known and tastiest food products from Spain. The best wine to accompany the chorizo is preferably red (better if it’s fruity with red fruit flavours and a little acidity). Best choices are the wines made from the grape Syrah. They can be from Rioja to the lesser known of the DO Alicante, which is rising in popularity due to wines with intense flavour.

Salami, due to its composition, can be paired with a rose wine, or with a young red wine. Cured sausages are preferably combined with young red wines.

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La Planta 2015



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Aalto 2013

What do the 5 healthiest countries in the world eat?


A study recently published by the British health magazine The Lancet shows the current state of health in 188 different countries. Based on the data obtained in the last 25 years on the evolution of the state of health, diseases and risks in different territories with respect to the socio-demographic factors of each region, the ranking of the healthiest countries of the world includes Iceland, Singapore, Sweden, Andorra and the United Kingdom.

Experts say that in addition to the high index of factors such as average income per capita, educational level or fertility, this result is due to the good eating habits of these countries. This opinion has been supported by multiple nutritionists, who have studied the characteristics of the usual diet of these countries.

Here’s a look at the eating habits of the 5 healthiest countries in the world based on the research:

5. United Kingdom:

British population is moving away from processed foods in favour of local, seasonal produce. Winter vegetables such as swedes, parsnips and brussels sprouts, which are commonly grown in the UK, are great for their nutrients such as vitamin C and contain more valuable fibre.

4. Andorra:

Andorra is the second largest consumer of wine in the world, a fact that seems to be related to the health of this small European country. Different studies have shown the many health benefits of red wine, which contains antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular health conditions such as high cholesterol or strokes.

3. Sweden:

The daily diet of this Scandinavian country is composed of multiple fermented foods that facilitate good digestion. Among the local delicacies is the filmjölk, a kind of yogurt that is usually present at all breakfasts.

2. Singapore:

Traditional Singapore cuisine is known by its high use of spices such as ginger and turmeric. In addition to being essential ingredients to make the typical local curry dishes, these spices possess properties highly beneficial to health: they are anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, and help to improve blood circulation.

1. Iceland:

Fish plays a fundamental role in the life of this Scandinavian country, forming an important part of its economy and food. Salmon and herring are the most consumed species on this island, which benefits from the high content of Omega 3 provided by their meats. Their typical dish is the Harðfiskur, a dry fish usually served with bread of coal grains.


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Marqués de Murrieta Reserva 2010



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Viña Ardanza Reserva 2007

Indian Whiskey: taking the big step in the international market


Although it sounds a bit strange or perhaps unusual, India has gradually been becoming a power in terms of producing high-quality whisky. In the last year, more than 1,500 million litres of whisky was consumed in the country. Yes, we can say that this figure is that high due to the large population, but still is a statistic that should be respected and taken seriously.

The country has many advantages over the strongest competitors, which we can reduce to Scotland and the United States. One of these advantages is that labour is very cheap in comparison to the two aforementioned countries. Another, and very importantly, is that India, alone, is one of the world’s biggest producers of high-quality barley, not to mention the climate that has settled in the region, ideal for the annual ageing of a good whisky.

The two most relevant producers of whisky of India, Amrut Whisky and John Paul, have recently reached US soil and plan to add at least a dozen of Indian whiskies to the market.

John Paul is located in Goa, where the tropical climate governs and remains the same throughout the year, which is perfect to give a faster whisky maturation, helping distillers to have more uniform levels. “There is no need to rotate barrels unlike Americans,” explains Michael D’Souza, Master Distiller at John Paul.

“You cannot compare whiskies one and another, as each malt has its unique character” says D’Souza. “That said, we have been rated very high internationally in comparison to Scotland and, in many cases, we have had the honour of been qualified even higher than they.”

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Amrut Indian Single Malt



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Amrut Fusion

4 cocktails to warm you during Christmas


Inevitably, the cold season is here, and what better than to take sit by the side of the chimney with a rich and strong drink, especially during Christmas. Here we give you 4 recipes for drinks that surely will chase the cold out of your body.

1. Winter Sun


  • 60ml of mandarin juice
  • 15ml of lemon juice
  • 1 part triple dry (Cointreau)
  • 45ml of Vodka
  • Sugar to taste
  • A spig of rosemary


  1. Pour the tangerine and lemon juices into an ice-free shaker.
  2. Add the vodka and triple dry and shake very well.
  3. Take a large glass and frost the edge with the help of some tangerine juice and sugar.
  4. Serve the mixture in the frosted glass and garnish with the rosemary.

2. Rothes Original


  • 6 cl. Of The Glenrothes Select Reserve
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar or gingerbread sugar to give it a spicy touch
  • 2 cl. Of dulce de leche
  • 1 drop of vanilla essence
  • ½ lime juice
  • 1 cl. Of liquid caramel


  1. Introduce all ingredients in a shaker with a little ice and shake very well until a homogeneous and fresh mixture.
  2. Serve in a low glass without ice.
  3. You can decorate the surface with a little-whipped cream.

3. Punch of Granada and Champagne


  • 1 ½ cups of pomegranate juice
  • 1 pear nectar
  • ¼ orange liqueur
  • 1 bottle of champagne


  1. Take a large pitcher and pour in the pomegranate juice, the pear nectar and the orange liqueur.
  2. Shake well to mix and then pour the champagne.
  3. Serve in short glasses with ice to taste.

4. The Mount Christ


  • 15ml of orange liqueur
  • 15ml of coffee liqueur
  • 120ml of coffee
  • Whipped cream


  1. Pour the hot coffee and add the two liquors: coffee and orange.
  2. Cover the surface with a little-whipped cream.
  3. Enjoy!

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Pol Roger Brut Réserve



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Gosset Grande Réserve

Ideas to combine wine and cheese for Christmas


 The combination of wine and cheese are becoming very popular. They allow us to marry flavors between wines, preferably white, but also with certain types of young red wines, and cheese of all tastes. So, why not to include a cheese table for your Christmas appetisers? You’ll succeed if you pair them with a good wine.

These days, the highest quality cheeses are combined with wines. Due to reputation and also with the help of experts, both sommeliers and professional tasters. In this case, and praising the Swiss cheeses, the sommelier and collaborator of the Bulli Foundation, Ferran Centelles, proposes a very special pairing. For example, Le Gruyère cheese is good to drink with Belgian white beer, because it is very soft. For The Emmentaler cheese, on the other hand, Ferran states that it is best to enjoy it with a classic chardonnay.

Centelles advises that the Etivaz cheese is successfully combined with Sauvignon of the Jura, in order to aspire to a better depth of flavors. Sbrinz cheese can be perfectly combined with a dolcetto wine from Piemonte.

The experts recommend eating the french cheeses such as brie combined with red wine, which can be a pinot noir or alsace, or other fruity and younger reds. And the roquefort? A strong cheese and blue like roquefort will need something to counteract these flavors to soften it. Then the port is good, sherry rather sweet, as well as decanted Malvasia wines from different regions of Spain.

The Italian gorgonzola has a recognizable strong flavor that identifies it. It can be sweet or spicy, so in this case, we will decant with slightly dry wines, dolcetto and even marsala wine.

Dutch cheeses are popular for cheese ball. But there are also other types like edam and gouda. For these wines, although somewhat different in textures, red fruity wines are recommended, and also some white wines, and rosé. 

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Prunotto Moscato D’Asti 2015



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Enrico Serafino Moscato D’Asti Dolce 2015

5 less known wine regions worth noticing


When we talk about wine and designations of origin there is a tendency of conservatism amongst consumers, in the sense that many of us do not change from our best-valued appellations or even grapes variety, once we find one wine that suits our taste. But, while it is true that the popularisation of wine culture has allowed us to reach wines from the most diverse backgrounds, we normally stick to two or three names we know best. We will present five regions of which you probably never heard of, but that they are well worth noticing.

Canary Islands (Spain)

Even in Spain one can find wine regions that surprise us, as is the case of the Canary Islands, especially Tenerife, where volcanic soils around Teide give the wines a distinctive flavor, in addition to the Listan grapes used for red wines, and Malvasia, star of sparkling and dry and sweet whites.

West Sussex (England)

In addition to its beer and spirits, the UK also worth a visit for its wines, at least the county in southern England that has taken the production of wine seriously. It has ideal conditions, with a chalky soil similar to the French region of Champagne, and the end results are as good as is the ones of their counterparts across the English Channel.

Styria (Austria)

An area often ignored in favor of the regions west of the Danube, but that has hidden gems, wines made from grapes like Pinot Blanc (Pinot Blanc), Sauvignon Blanc, Welschriesling, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris) and Morillon.

Prince Edward County (Canada)

This Canadian region borders with the state of New York (United States), in addition to beautiful scenery, has a very favourable soil for cultivation consisting predominantly of limestone. This provides a refreshing flavor to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir produced here, in addition there are excellent examples of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Gris and Riesling.


Indeed, in Southeast Asia grapes are also grown, and with them wines that are really worth trying, especially those produced with Syrah. A destination best known for its resorts and paradisiacal beaches not so much for its wines. We recommend testing their wines if you travel to this remote but great tourist country.

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Yaiza Malvasia Seco Blanco



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El Grifo Canari 50cl



9 Champagnes, Spanish cavas and Italian proseccos for Christmas Eve


Good fizz pairs with nearly everything – from sushi to steak – but it goes especially well with parties. From affordable Spanish cava or Italian prosecco to sparkling prestige cuvées, discover the corks to pop for Christmas, that is just around the corner.


 TAGS:Sacchetto Fili Prosecco Vino 2015Sacchetto Fili Prosecco Vino 2015

Sacchetto Fili Prosecco Vino 2015: elegant, fresh, gently.



 TAGS:Prosecco Belstar Extra DryProsecco Belstar Extra Dry

Prosecco Belstar Extra Dry: fresh, soft, creamy, with a rich finish and very tasty.



 TAGS:Bellavista Alma Cuvée Brut Franciacorta FranciacortaBellavista Alma Cuvée Brut Franciacorta Franciacorta

Bellavista Alma Cuvée Brut Franciacorta Franciacorta: lively and persistent, the bubbles small and long-lasting.



 TAGS:Gramona Argent Rose 2012Gramona Argent Rose 2012

Gramona Argent Rose 2012: attractive, dry, with fruity notes and a slightly floral background.



 TAGS:Llopart Integral Brut Nature 2015Llopart Integral Brut Nature 2015

Llopart Integral Brut Nature 2015: fresh, fruity, flavourful, with a good acidity.



 TAGS:At Roca Rosat Reserva 2014At Roca Rosat Reserva 2014

At Roca Rosat Reserva 2014: Very fruity, fresh and with a great acidity, fine and elegant.



 TAGS:Veuve Clicquot BrutVeuve Clicquot Brut

Veuve Clicquot Brut: Frank and dynamic. Its persistence is extraordinary aromatic.



 TAGS:Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé BrutLaurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut: An excellent and elegant champagne with a complex, fine perlage. 



 TAGS:Dom Pérignon Vintage Luminous Label 2006Dom Pérignon Vintage Luminous Label 2006

Dom Pérignon Vintage Luminous Label 2006: succulent champagne with aromas of cassis cream, toasted almond, coffee and anise.



The secret of reaching 110 years of age? A sip of whisky every day


One would think that living for many years comes from living a healthy lifestyle, with a very well balanced diet and regular physical activity to maintain ones shape. However, although this should not be ruled out at all, the world’s longest-living people have admitted that alcohol is part of their daily diet and that, for them, it has helped them to live for such a long time.

Grace Jones is now the UK’s tenth-longest living person at 110 and has confessed that a small sip of whisky every night has been her most trusted secret to living for so long. “I never suffer from heartburn during the night and it’s the only thing I drink”, says Mrs. Jones, who has been practising this for 60 years. “Whisky is very good for your health. I started with the night sip when I turned 50 and I have not stopped for 60 years, and I do not intend to do it. The doctor told me to continue taking it because it is good for the heart”, confesses Jones.

And, certainly, it is not the first time that something like this has happened. We have already heard of a 102-year-old woman who credits beer for her longevity. We also have another woman over 100 who claimed that 6 gin & tonics a day have done her well while a 107-year-old Spanish wine producer claims that his long age is due to the benefits of wine he consumes daily.

Jones celebrated his birthday last September with his 78-year-old daughter and enjoyed pleasant company, food, drinks and, of course, his mythical drink of whisky. She was born on September 16, 1906 in Liverpool, in the United Kingdom, and has already received seven letters from the Queen of England. And, most likely, it will probably not be the last.

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label



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Scapa 16 Year old