Quality and powerful taste wines in the Rioja Baja

 TAGS:Currently no one disputes the Rioja wine differentiation over other wines still be exported and become better known. It consists of three sub-areas with vast vineyards and historic cellars that have made possible this global identification.

One of these subzones is the Rioja Baja, near the Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa, which produces wines of great quality and always gifted with personality and great body. The terroirs of Rioja Baja extend over 17,787 ha and have a mostly Mediterranean climate, featuring some dry areas with most extensive vineyards than other subzones that are part of this DO.

This zone extends over several municipalities located between Logroño and Alfaro, such as Calahorra, Arnedo, Autol and San Adrián, among others. It employs about 6,700 farmers in over 24,000 parcels that are committed to the wealth of their land in order to obtain greater vintages each season.

Wines of ripe grapes

This climate results in ripe grape wines, mostly red and elaborated with the Tempranillo variety ?prevailing in all Rioja-, with an interesting presence of garnacha grape, which represent about 90% of total production. They are therefore stronger, meaty, with a powerful taste and less acidic than the wines of the rest of DO. They taste of berries and usually have more alcohol. The variety of flavors in the aged wines is remarkable, since they lie in the barrel for a few years, and the great reserves still need more time to finish their development.

Wine Museum of Rioja Baja

In the town of Aldeanueva de Ebro, particularly in the building of the Shrine of Nuestra Señora del Portal, we find one of the most important spots in the area: the Wine Museum of Rioja Baja. It discovers the history of the wines of this region with explanatory panels, focusing on their variety, vintage and scientific research. It also houses a tasting room where you can taste the local varieties.

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