Rioja Alta wines, experience and tradition

 TAGS:No doubt that Rioja wine is one of the best in the world. Its elaboration comes from many years ago and each area guards its process in long tradition cellars. The DO Rioja encompasses various areas such as Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa.

In the case of wines from Rioja Alta, as well as wines from the Rioja Alavesa, they have fairly similar climates. In this case, the biggest influence is Mediterranean, leading to tasty wines with body and unquestionable quality. Its vineyards extend for 24,457 ha that comprise a large part of the DO Rioja total area.


The grapes used in the wines of Rioja Alta, just like the rest of the DO, are tempranillo, which represents 60% of total production, garnacha, with 12%, and other lesser known varieties of white grape.

How are the wines?

Its uniqueness lies in its offer of balanced, full-bodied, elegant and powerful colored wines, from ruby to garnet. They have a high acidity with ripe fruit flavors that are optimal for long aging in barrels, that significantly improve them over time.

Remarkable cellars

The cellars, some of them historic and long tradition, encourage the cultivation and tasting of the wines in their area. So, in 1890, five Basque and Riojan winemakers decided to create the Wine Society of Rioja Alta. This group is now consisting of four cellars: the ?mother?, La Rioja Alta, who respects the elegance of the DO Rioja in all its aspects; Torre de Oña, Lagar de Fornelos and Áster, which offer Pago or Terroir wines.

Wine routes in the area

This zone is completely optimal for performing routes throughout remarkable towns, as Haro, San Asensio, Logroño… which leave us a dream landscape, vineyards to visit and a spectacular heritage. Bear in mind that through Rioja Alta passes the renowned Camino de Santiago, in addition to the route of the monasteries and castles, and you can visit several monuments in each town.

Want to walk in the Rioja Alta? Here are two wines to whet your mouth:

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