Scientists prove the existence of “beer goggles”


Researchers at the University of Bristol claim to have demonstrated the existence of ?beer goggles?, concluding that women and men really begin to see the other people more attractive after a few beers. This is something that has been discussed as a joke many times but now it is a scientific fact.

The study is titled: ?Beauty lies in the eye of the beer drinker? and was one of 10 awards given by Harvard University last year.

As part of the study, conducted by scientists at the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group, University of Bristol, volunteers were asked to look at pictures of men, women and landscapes before and after drinking alcohol.

Divided into two groups, a group of volunteers were given an alcoholic drink, and the other a non alcoholic placebo, and asked them a score of appeal.

The ratings among those who had consumed alcohol were higher for each image in each category, compared with the placebo group without alcohol.

Olivia Maynard, who led the research, told the Bristol Post: ?This has a bit of fun, but there is also a serious message. If alcohol does change the perception of appeal then that could be a factor in the type of risky behavior you see when people are drunk, such as unprotected sex?. The Bristol team next goal is to expand its investigation to pubs in order to conduct tests for 4 nights in 3 pubs in Bristol.

Earlier, a team of scientists from France and the U.S. won the Ig Nobel Prize in Psychology, showing that ?beer goggles? effect also makes the drinker feel more attractive.

Do you believe in these effects of beer? Or they are just studies made up to draw attention? We always recommend drinking in moderation, and always quality drinks, as we recommend today:

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