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 TAGS:What do you think that is known about Spanish wine outside of Spain? Do you think that it would be good enough? Do you think that the selection of Spanish wine that can be bought at any supermarket in the UK, Sweden or Denmark is truly representative of what we produce in Spain? Do you really think that? Do you believe that our wines are understood beyond our borders?

The reality of Spanish wine abroad requires expert analysis. Since I’m not, I’ll just tell you what I see every day. And what I can see every time I go to buy wine and I’m not in Spain never ceases to amaze me.

For starters, let’s talk for example about Denmark. I find it very interesting the appellations of origin distribution that they play in here. It strikes me quite so, Rioja and Ribera del Duero are present, but without much fanfare, exact opposite of what happens in Spain.

At the same time, in the wines of Spain section you can see that other wines never stop proliferating. When I say other wines I’m talking about those coming from other regions that may not even be found in a good specializing wine shop in our country. I am not about Appellations of Origin, but referring to wines from the land or similar products which in Spanish supermarkets are cornered and mostly left aside in benefit of those first positions filled up with DOs Why is that? Will it reflect the tastes of consumers? Will it instead obey to a marketing strategy?

Because if you are thinking that it is a matter of price, you are wrong. And this was the other thing that I wanted to deal with.

As such, the wines of Balearic Islands, in Extremadura, etc.. in this country has a considerable price, but you can see that you have just beside the classics, these respectable well known wines (and DO, of course) costing no money.

Yes, cheaper than in Spain. I speak for example about Lan and Marqués de Riscal. For some strange reason, you can buy aged wines, good vintages, especially in the first case, at least five Euros cheaper than what they usually cost in Spain. And paradoxes of life, they are also cheaper than those other wines that in Spain are sometimes not as well known.

Luckily we still have internet. And for example you could take a look on these two:

 TAGS:Palacio de MonsaludPalacio de Monsalud


Palacio de Monsalud


 TAGS:Gran Feudo Chivite Reserva 2006Gran Feudo Chivite Reserva 2006


Gran Feudo Chivite Reserva 2006


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